Tuesday 9 August 2011

Norwegian poetess compares Israel to an ugly holy cow and predicts her demise

Read the whole piece HERE (Norway, Israel and the Jews)

The author of the light verse below, Helge Vladimir Tiller was born in 1941, lives in Oslo, and is a regular contributor to Dagsavisen, Norway’s leading left wing daily, commonly regarded as the mouthpiece of the Norwegian Labor party.

There is an ugly holy cow
Some place in the Middle East
The cow’s name is Israel
No guarantee for peace
She is so big and ugly and fat
eating ever more
do not care for other’s rights
has no idea of common sense
taking every opportunity
thirst for what is yours
rushing over lands and fields
a self-declared matriarch
with demonic appetite
A cow which gores
the cow sees herself as sacred
yet is megalomaniac
lying there, masticating
burping political absurdity
one day the race shall be over
probably it shall find it’s grave
at the bottom of the Dead sea
people will wonder
was it murder
No, it was mad cow disease.


Anonymous said...

Classy -- for an anti-semite who probably claims to be a liberal thinker.

Anonymous said...

Mind you!-H. V. Tiller is a poet, not a poetess.
And what is more: This poem is totally removed from its real connection!-when it was commented for the first time, and spread about disguised in wrong "clothes"-

captain mission said...

intellectual? more like another brainwashed dummy really. where do they get these idiots from, oh yeah university.