Friday 30 September 2011

Norwegian Red Cross sent a team to Israel to learn to cope with post traumatic stress disorder after 22/7, but tried to keep it out of the media since could be seen as controversial

"Israel has an experience of treating terror victims, which I hope we never will have. It was they who contacted us and wanted to do something for Norway. What they have contributed with during this course is fantastic." (Sissel Alvheim Dubrefjord)

See also: The double standards and selective silence of the Norwegian Red Cross (Sept. 2010)

Typical behaviour of many European NGOs.

Source: Norway Israel and the Jews

Dagen broke the story that the Norwegian Red Cross sent a team of 25 first aid workers whose difficult task it was to go to the rescue on 22/7 at Utøya [Norway carnage and Israel, by Manfred Gerstenfeld].

Many have struggled with difficult memories and harrowing images, so the Israeli sister organization, the Magen David Adom, offered a course on how to cope in the wake of disaster:

Utøya-crew learn to cope with terrorism in Israel, by John Soslvik

25 of the Red Cross crew members who joined the rescue teams after the Utøya tragedy this summer, participated in a course on how to cope with trauma, in Israel this week. "We understand what they have gone through and know that they need a lot of professional help", says Asaf Ovadia (27).

The Israeli branch of the Red Cross, Magen David Adom, invited the Norwegians and pays travel and accommodation expenses. Israel has the last 30 years built up an outstanding team of experts in the treatment of traumas and post-traumatic syndrome, and the Norwegians have had a week of intensive training in the processing of their own experiences and how to help others in similar situations.

Red Cross in Norway has not gone public about the course in Israel. Grete Berdal of the Red Cross secretariat says this is normal procedure.  "This is an invitation from a sister organization that we have accepted. There is an exchange of professional knowledge, and we usually do not inform the press about such courses", says Berdal.

Other participants in the course confirms that the Norwegian Red Cross has deliberately adopted a low profile viz Norwegian media, regarding the course in Israel.

Monday 26 September 2011

France: two fined for inciting antisemitism at McDonald's

Source: Islam in Europe

Via AFP (French):

Two members of the radical Islamic group "Forsane Alizza" were convicted of "inciting racial hatred' by a court in Limoges for organizing an invasion into a McDonald's branch in 2010, and haranguing the crowd with antisemitic statements. Nassir Mokhtari (27) and Boumediene Nebah (31) were found guilty of "inciting to national, racial, religious discrimination in speech, writing, picture or electronic means of communication to the public". They were sentenced to 800 euro and 1500 euro respectively.

On June 12, 2010, the two men organized on the internet an invasion of the McDonald's restaurant in Limoges, where they distributed leaflets. A dozen people, most of whom masked their faces, harangued the consumers to stop eating in the chain, which they said financed the Israeli army.

Thursday 22 September 2011

Anti-Israel Julian Schnabel film feted at European Parliament

The European Parliament looks definitely much more like the UN than the US House of Representatives.

The Brussels-based prestigious Boghossian Foundation (created by two Armenian-Lebanese brothers in the jewelry business) whose aim is to foster the "dialogue between between the Oriental and Occidental cultures" has organised the showing of American film director Julian Schnabel anti-Israel film at the European Parliament.  Schnabel and his girlfriend were flown in to attend the event.

In a letter to the President of the Parliament,  Diane Hennebert, of the Foundation wrote:

"Given that Julian Schnabel is famous internationally and that he is of Jewish of background [culture], we are of the opinion that this film deserves our attention and that it illustrates the desire for peace and reconciliation between peoples locked in conflict. " 

"As to the funding of the event [...] the Boghossian Foundation is willing to defray all the necessary expenses to ensure the success of the event (travel, accommodation, invitations, press kit, projection, cocktail party, ...)."

Obviously the debate is not so much about the merits of the film than the fact that Europeans are totally obsessed and willing to go to any lengths to demonise Israel.  Not only is the anti-Israel output impressive but Europeans will give a platform to anyone from outside to Europe - preferably famous and Jewish (as the letter states) - who is willing to demonise Israel.

- "Miral" director hints that all critics are part of a conspiracy
- Movie Review: Julian Schnabel’s Anti-Israel Propaganda “Miral”
- AJC Review of Miral

La fondation Boghossian présente un film anti-Israël de Julian Schnabel au Parlement européen

Monday 19 September 2011

Sarkozy is no longer 'pro-Israel'...

Source: Le Figaro (Quand Nicolas Sarkozy parle d'Histoire…)

French daily Le Figaro reports that the French President invited nine historians for a meal and a chat to the Elysée last week.

The journalist writes that Sarkozy, who has been accused (accusé [!]) of being pro-Israel, told his guest historians:

"Since Lawrence of Arabia nobody has found the way of liking the Arabs" (Difficult to translate: 
"Depuis Lawrence d'Arabie, on n'a pas su aimer les Arabes.")

One week before the (probable) United Nations declaration of a Palestinian State, Sarkozy said about his (ex-)"friend" Benjamin Netanyahu: "He is not the man of the situation."

He then make some nasty comments about the Americans.

With friends like these!

Monday 12 September 2011

Belgium: huge Palestinian flag erected in Brussels

EU Foreign Ministers are meeting Monday at the Justus Lipsius EU Council building in Brussels. At this occasion, anti-Israel Belgian activists erected a large Palestinian flag in front of the EU Council and European Commission headquarters in order to encourage the EU to recognize a Palestinian state at an expected vote at the United Nations later this year.

A Belgian artist did the installation.


Norway: Children's book depicts Israelis as evil

Source: Norway, Israel and the Jews (Corrupting the mind of small children – Childrens book depicts Israelis as evil)

This makes any claim that Norwegian elites only want to criticize Israeli policies, but never engage in anti-Semitism ring very hollow.

As for the author, an MD and psychiatrist, it is frightening how he will use his position as an authority to contribute to inflaming an already very difficult conflict. This stinks to high heaven of bigotry, racism, and yes that horrible word, classic anti-Semitism.  Maybe the Disciplinary committee  of the Norwegian Medical Association should consider whether he is fit for the privilege he holds?  It is something really frightening when fellow medical professionals only think with their white coats, everything is a sterile laboratory experiment, nobody feels the pain, and nobody is put at risk.

Norwegian children’s books

Daddy is a pirate - a book targeting kids 5 - 12 years. Best to get them young to start the brainwash!

Pappa er sjørøvar
Hans Sande and Silje Granhaug
kr 249,-
Norwegian Nynorsk
Target audience:
5-12 years
Tuva’s Daddy is a pirate, and every summer he hops in the pirate tanker to maraud the seas. His mission is just as secret as it is scary. Every year Tuva asks if she can join Daddy on his travels. Daddy lines her up next to the measuring marks drawn on the wall. Hurray! This year, finally, she is big enough!
First they sail the sea in Finland. The tanker is full to bursting point, but where is all the water to go? They drive and drive through country after country, until eventually soldiers and a high wall stand in their way. On the other side is Palestine. But how will they get through the wall and to those who need the water most?
Pappa er sjørøvar is a rare and fresh political picture book for children. With illustrations
from Silje Granhaug, Sande takes us on a journey of warmth and importance, and asks the big questions that aren’t raised often enough. Why is the world so unfair? And what can you and I do about it?

Saturday 10 September 2011

Saudi Arabia opposes presence of Israel Ambassador at Belgian trade fair!

"It's true, the Embassador is not welcome.  Saudi Arabia is the guest country this year ... and her presence is much too sensitive".

Belgian Jewish magazine Joods Actueel reports that the Israel Embassador to Belgium, who had received an invitation to attend the inauguration of the largest Flemish trade fair in Gent, had been 'disinvited' following objections from Saudi Arabia.  Around 100.000 people are expected to visit the fair.

"As the guest of honour and the only Arab country Saudi Arabia will be present at International Accenta Fair 2011. Saudi Arabia will enjoy a strategic presence to meet professionals from the public and private sectors in Europe."

Israel Embassador "disinvited"
The Embassador, Tamar Samash, who will soon be returning to Israel, recently told a newspaper that she is the only Embassador in Belgium who is 'disinvited' on the pretext that her presence would pose a security risk.  In this case, the organizers gave in to pressure by a foreign country, Saudi Arabia.  Belgium has very strong links with Saudi Arabia in spite of the fact that it doesn't qualify as a great democracy...

Kirsten Karlsson, the spokesperson for the Gent trade fair, told Joods Actueel: "It's true, the Embassador is not welcome.  ... Saudi Arabia is the guest country this year ... and her presence is much too sensitive".

This week:

Brussels: exhibition of Israeli designers disrupted by protestors

Friday 9 September 2011

Brussels: exhibition of Israeli designers disrupted by protestors

Brussels, the proud capital of Europe...

BRUSSELS (EJP)---An exhibition displaying the works of 40 Israeli designers in Brussels was disrupted on Thursday by pro-Palestinian demonstrators.

Some 20 demonstrators gathered outside the Pierre Bergé & Associés gallery on the Grand Sablon Square in the heart of the Belgian capital where the official opening of the exhibition PromiseDesign 2011 was taking place.  Policemen had taken positions at the entrance of the gallery to ensure security for visitors.

Bearing Palestinian flags, the protesters chanted "Israel fascist" and "Zionist terrorists." Many of them wore green t-shirts calling for a boycott of Israel.  Some protesters apparently managed to enter the hall of the Israeli exhibition where they started to shout anti-Israeli slogans. They were quickly removed by police.

Sunday 4 September 2011

Antisemitic book is best-seller in France

An antisemitic book by French "intellectual" and "philosopher" Alain Soral is a best-seller in France and is being sold in many reputable bookshops (some owned by Jews) in France, in Switzerland and in Belgium. Soral shares Gilad Atzmon's ("a very brave man") fulsome views on Zionism and the Jews.

FNAC (an international entertainment retail chain offering cultural and electronic products founded in 1954 and the largest retailer of its kind in France) indicates on its website that there are "[...] those who resist and save the honour of their generation. We bet Alain Soral will be one of them."  Can one be more cynical than this?

Below the translation of a short passage in the book (p. 134):

"Under the control of Trotskyists in Europe they have rallied [global liberalism] under the name of 'libertarian liberalism' in Europe and 'neocons' in the United States.  They are a bunch of social-traitors whose names bring to mind straightaway those on the Schindler's List."

Interestingly, the National Library of France tags the book under the following subjects: "Hegemony, World, Western Civilization, Economics, History" but not a word about "Jews", the main topic of the book.

More HERE (in French)

Picture on the "official" blog of the book.

Friday 2 September 2011

Strauss-Kahn expected to be targeted for being a Jew in French presidential race

"Regardless of the anti-Semitic attack, those words are a true media lynching of a person whose case was dismissed by justice."

In April, before the sex scandal that put a stop to his political career, Dominique Strauss-Kahn told French journalists, during an informal chat about his candidancy for the French presidential elections, that he had three weak spots: his wealth, his relationship with women and his being Jewish ("judéité", the term he used).  He indicated that his and his wife's, former journalist Anne Sinclair, main concern was that he would be targated during the presidential campaign  for being Jewish.  This is extremely disturbing but did not dampen high hopes for becoming the next French President...

It now turns out that there was a debate on a French radio about the support Strauss-Kahn had received from  the "Jewish lobby".  There is a widespread belief that a Jewish lobby controls France and the world.  Alain Soral has published a deeply antisemitic book which claims precisely this in the most brutal terms  - his book has had a considerable success and is sold in the best libraries in France - some of them owned by Jews - it just seems to be normal!  After all President François Mitterrand also complained of the power of the Jewish lobby and General de Gaulle famously referred to the Jews as an "arrogant and domineering people".

The High Council for Audiovisual (CSA), the authority which regulates radio and television stations in France, is looking into possible anti-Semitic excesses in a program aired by a private radio, Sud Radio, which could lead to sanctions.

After a working group reviewed the case, the CSA decided to meet in plenary session on Wednesday afternoon to decide whether to take action.

On August 22, in a program on freedom of speech, a listener declared that Dominique Strauss-Kahn was "supported by the Jews", suggesting that a "Jewish lobby" would have facilitated the dismissal which was granted to the former director general of the International Monetary Fund on suspicion of attempted rape on Nafissatou Diallo, an employee of the Sofitel hotel in New York.

The same day, in another program, host-journalist Eric Mazet continued on the same topic of "Jewish lobby" support for Strauss-Kahn and encouraged listeners to call the station and give their opinion.