Wednesday, 17 August 2011

French FM forbids diplomats to attend inauguration of Jerusalem tramway

France is probably the most hostile of all European countries to Israel and is certainly not free of antisemitism (the murder of two young Jewish men Ilan Hamili and Sebastien Selam, the Al-Durah affair, Dieudonné, Faurisson, Soral, the anti-Zionist party, Le Pen, biaised school books and of course Charles De Gaulle (Churchill would never said that) who declared at a press conference in 1967 that "the Jewish people, self-confident and domineering" - 20 years after the Holocaust... and President François Mitterrand's complaint about the power of the "Jewish lobby" etc etc).

JSS News reports that French staff in Israel affiliated to the Quai d'Orsay have been formally forbidden by French Foreign Minister Alain Juppé (also known for his anti-Israel penchant) to attend the inauguration of the Jerusalem tramway.

Surely other European diplomats in Israel will have received similar orders.

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captain mission said...

these clowns should not have ever have been invited in the first place.
i was talking to some friends in israel, complaining that israel has very bad pr when it comes to the media, he said, 'we don't care because we all know they hate us, we all know it's pointless trying to explain because their hate is irrational, they can't ever think in a reasonable way. he didn't go to university either.
when i read stuff like this i understand why israel doesn't bother engaging any more.