Thursday, 18 August 2011

Swiss Muslims denounce islamophobia with infamous yellow badge

Recently, the Swiss were invited to enjoy a BBQ and a beer while killing Jews. Now this.

A Muslim radical group has launched a poster campaign (above) to denounce rampant islamophobia is Switzerland.

The campaign is also approved by moderate Muslims.  "It is true that as Muslims we feel we have become the new scapegoats", says Lucia Dahlab, vice-President of the Union of Muslim Organizations in Geneva.

"A parallel with the discrimination suffered by Jews in the 1930s is made here and I do not say otherwise. Now playing with a symbol like the yellow star is inevitably difficult. But is it not a means to make people think? I think we have entered an era where communication campaigns focus on shocking people. As the UDC campaigns show. So yes, I would campaign with a more nuanced approach. But do we still have a choice?"

Source: JForum


Sylvie7 said...

How dare the Muslims of Switzerland use this symbol which was meant to mark Jews for murder. Is anyone shooting them in forests, or gassing them, or burning them in their houses of worship. Muslims are not a small marginal group without a homeland for 2000 years. They conquered vast areas of North Africa and Central Asia. They spend enormous amounts of money to demonize Israel which is a tiny land surrounded by millions of Muslims who regularly threaten to annihilate its citizens. Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

Wow! This symbol is in incredibly bad taste! Do they have no shame?

Anonymous said...

How hypocritical. It was the muslims who first used the yellow badge iof shame. This is a rewriting of history.