Monday, 8 August 2011

Famous French luggage maker DELSEY excludes Israel from its Website

Similar situation with Nivea in Germany: Nivea website excludes Israel, includes "Palestine Territories"

A reader left this message on Philosémitisme:

"Hi, I came across a similar situation with the international Website of the French luggage-maker Delsey ( After lodging a complaint and some adverse publicity, Israel was reintegrated (I believe I still have the e-mail  with their apologies). It now seems that it was not enough because I have just checked their site and yet again Israel does not feature on their country list. [...]"

Indeed, the famous French luggage creator Delsey sells its products in Israel (Delsey Israel/Facebook) but Israel is not on their list, which has many countries among which ... Sudan, Libya, la Syria, Saudi Arabia etc (screenshots below). In spite of our reader's complaint, Delsey who had put the State of Israel on their country list and offered apologies, has (probably under commercial pressure by you know which "lobby") removed it again. Should we conclude that Delsey does not have a dealer in Israël but has one in a failed State like Sudan?

You can contact them (US/Canada offices):

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