Thursday 31 January 2013

Anti-Semitism in Europe: Jews who can do so, leave Europe

"In an interview in a French magazine a few years ago, a man who survived the death camp in Auschwitz said: "In the 1930s, the pessimists found ways to survive; it was the optimists who died.""

Guy Millière @ Gatestone Institute (Anti-Semitism in Europe)

Jews who can do so, leave Europe. Those who do not have the means to leave know they must be extremely careful: it is dangerous again to be a Jew in Europe. It is even more dangerous to be a Jew who supports Israel. In 2012, the number of anti-Semitic crimes in France sharply increased. The six-month period that followed the March killings in a Jewish school in Toulouse were particularly harsh. The killer , Mohammed Merah, became a hero in many suburbs, his name on many graffiti. For some people, apparently, shooting children in the head just because they are Jewish is inspiring. Although acts such as as the killing in Toulouse had no equivalent elsewhere, France is not an exception: statistics show that insults, assaults, and cries of hatred against Jews multiply throughout Europe. Jewish schools, synagogues and Jewish cultural centers are everywhere threatened and urgently require more stringent security measures. Continue reading

Wednesday 30 January 2013

Israel-basher Anna Baltzer also invited to Brussels

Exposing the Palestinians' Anna Baltzer, Will Oxford Endorse a Fraud?, by Lee Kaplan

Anna Baltzer has also been invited to give a conference on BDS and apartheid Israel in Brussels on 4 February by an fully-dedicate anti-Israël Belgian NGO l'Association Belgo-Palestinienne Wallonie-Bruxelles and Progressive Belgian Jews Juifs (UPJB).  Belgium is always at the forefront of anti-Israel propaganda and campaigning.

Belgian artist Ben Heine has drawn this portrait of "Pietanna", i.e. Anna Baltzer. It draws on the most vicious Christian anti-Jewish martyrology - Christ is depicted as a Palestinian killed by Israelis.

Source: Ben Heine's blog

Tuesday 29 January 2013

'The Jews crucified Our Lord': Irish antisemitism and the complicity of the Catholic bishops

"Palestinians living in Gaza are being treated worse then [sic] animals in a zoo. Ireland must do everything we can to end Israel’s collective punishment of civilians, which is a flagrant breach of international law." (Justin Kilcullen, director of Trócaire - he is also head of CONCORD, the Brussels-based powerful European confederation of 1,600 NGOs across 21 countries for relief and development. The European Union generously provides funds to Trócaire and CONCORD.)

Ruth Dudley Edwards * @ Daily Telegraph:

Pro-Palestinian fanatics blame 'the Jews'
for Jesus' death
Sarah Honig, a recent Israeli visitor to Cahersiveen, a charming little town in County Kerry, wrote yesterday in the Jerusalem Post of being asked in its main street for a donation by three teenage boys carrying large signs saying "Free Palestine". When asked from whom Palestine was to be freed, they replied "The Jews". "Are you sure", she asked, "that this money wouldn’t fund terrorists and murderers?" She was thrown by the response: "What do you have against Palestinians? What have they done to you? They are only against Jews. Jews are evil." One of them helpfully added that the Jews "crucified Our Lord". Honig then met the teacher, who explained he had brought them out during school hours as part of a class project "to further a humanitarian goal" by inculcating a commitment to charitable work. He "nodded in agreement without a word of objection" when she told him of the children’s remarks about Jews.

Those of us who publicly address the one-sidedness of the Irish take on the Middle East are used to ill-informed and/or bigoted politicians and activists (particularly but not exclusively republican or of the Left), but the Catholic Church has been having a pernicious effect too, particularly through its official overseas development agency, Trocaire, an Irish word meaning compassion.
More HERE (In French HERE)

More on Trocaire HEREHERE and HERE.

Monday 28 January 2013

French historian: islamophobia has replaced antisemitism

Commenting on a survey showing that 74% of French respondents believe the Muslim religion is ''intolerant'' and incompatible with their social values, French historian Michel Winock told Le Monde that one of the things that had struck him was that islamophobia had replaced antisemitism in France.

Whereas, Martin Schulz, President of the Israel-bashing European Parliament, told during Holocaust Remembrance Day that "Jews are living in fear in Europe".  Every year one hears the same speeches... and nothing changes.  All this points to the fact that lessons have not been learned.  Who would have thought?

Sunday 27 January 2013

Morsi's Egypt will not crawl at the feet of America and Israel

Bichara Khader, a Palestinian-Belgian professor at the Catholic University of Louvain, explained in an interview on the 'Egypt Spring':

"Morsi's Egypt will not crawl at the feet of America and Israel".

Conveniently he was not asked about President Morsi's antisemitic pronouncements.  He will not crawl but will accept American taxpayers's money...

Mr Khader, who wrote in 1975 for the since defunct Eurabia Magazine, is a well known Israel-basher. In 2009 he wrote "Israël perpetrates the most abject form of terrorism by using phosphorus bombs". Needless to say he is much appreciated in Belgium.

In French HERE.

Saturday 26 January 2013

New book exposes indifference to Nazis after World War II

A lot has been written about the Holocaust and its perpetrators, but very little about the many Nazis who escaped all form of punishment.  It was left to the victims, like Simon Wiesenthal, who with his wife had lost 90 members of his family, to go after their tormentors and killers. Even those who were tried were treated with astonishing leniency.  That was the case of the infamous Edmund Veesenmayer, a German politician, officer (SS-Brigadeführer) and war criminal. He significantly contributed to The Holocaust in Hungary and Croatia. He was a subordinate of Ernst Kaltenbrunner and Joachim von Ribbentrop; and collaborated with Adolf Eichmann in Hungary. Veesenmeyer was sentenced to 20 years' imprisonment in 1949, which was reduced to 10 years in 1951. He was released on December 16 of the same year, having served almost 6 minutes for each murder that he was responsible for (500,000 victims).

Algemeiner: A new book claims that governments around the world were unwilling to track down Nazi criminals in the wake of World War II because of “vested interests.”
The UK’s Daily Mail writes that “Nazi Hunt: South America’s Dictatorships and the Avenging of Nazi Crimes,” by German historian Daniel Stahl [1], calls the half-hearted efforts of postwar governments a ‘coalition of the unwilling.’
Stahl writes that the French feared prosecutions would expose their collaboration during the war, the South Americans feared a spotlight on their own murderous regimes and the West Germans wanted to help ‘old comrades’ get away.
The Daily Mail article refers specifically to Joseph Mengele, “The Angel of Death,” Gustav Wagner, responsible for 150,000 deaths at the Nazi extermination camp of Sobibor and S.S. Colonel Walther Rauff, one of the developers of the mobile ‘gas vans’ used to kill Jews before the static death camp gulag was built.
Even Interpol, the international criminal police organization, failed to aid in tracking down the Nazis.
Interpol secretary general Marcel Sicot, responding to a request in 1962 from Jewish organizations to more vigorously track them down, said: “Why should war criminals be prosecuted since the victor always imposes his laws, anyway?”
“No international entity defines the term ‘war criminal.’” Sicot said he regarded the criminal prosecution of Nazi crimes as “victor’s justice.”