Friday 21 November 2008

Susan Nathan in Brussels to debate Israel apartheid state

Susan Nathan, is a "good Jew" and the author of The Other Side of Israel: My Journey Across the Jewish/Arab Divide, in which she draws a parallel between the Holocaust and Israel's practices toward its own Arab citizens. She has been invited by a group of Belgian anti-Israeli NGOs to give a conference in Brussels today.

You will have guessed that the theme of the conference will turn around what must have become by now the most recycled and unconvincing platitude "Is Israel a racist country whose cruelty goes far beyond the one that prevailed under the old apartheid regime of South Africa?".

Just like their European ancestors used to demonise Jews

This question is relentlessly debated and written about in Europe by people whose only raison d'ĂȘtre and all consuming obsession seems to be the demonisation of Israel, just like their ancestors used to demonise Jews.

They have been arguing daily and for many years that Israel is indeed a racist country which enforces apartheid style policies towards the Palestinians and that it should be severely punished by the international community: imposition of all sort of boycotts, expulsion from the U.N. etc.

Why is it then that they have to keep on trying to persuade themselves as well as others that Israel, and only Israel, is a pariah state? Could it be that their hype rests on shaky ground and that it requires endless campaigning to keep the flame alive and to cloak it with a flimsy appearance of truth and legitimacy? And above all in their own eyes.

Not many converts to the great cause

One thing is to campaign on the basis of a fallacy and an outright lie, another is to have people believe you. The sheer amount of time, money and energy they devote to the great cause proves that common sense prevails and that not many people are listening to them, let alone believing them or embracing their views. And that's great news.

The other speaker at the conference will be Lucas Catherine:
Lucas Catherine conference at Brussels Catholic school: Israel is an apartheid State


Anonymous said...

Not even 50 people attended her hatespeech in Antwerp. Mainly young people from the immigration that needed to keep up the antisemitism so to be in synch with the negationists from Kif Kif such as Dany Neudt and others.

Anonymous said...

There are always Court Jews, just as in Belgium there were collaboraters with Nazis, and Quislings in Denmark.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they should campaign to get synagogues and churches built in Saudi Arabia.