Monday 24 November 2008

Belgium: human chain with Mary, Saint Joseph and their donkey against the "apartheid wall"

"Will Mary, Joseph and the donkey be allowed to cross the checkpoint?" Belgian NGOs will form a "human chain againt the apartheid wall".

Drawing on a Christian deicide theme, over 30 non-confessional NGOs (including Oxfam and 11.11.11, a umbrella group of NGOs - both are generously funded by Belgian taxpayers) will be forming just before Christmas a human chain against the "apartheid wall" and the "sly ethnic cleansing" Israel is supposed to be perpetrating against Palestinians. The organizers also claim that 400 Christian families have had to leave Bethlehem because of Israelly violence ...

One would have thought that NGOs would be devoting all their efforts to alleviate the appalling suffering of hundreds of thousands of civilians in North Kivu who are caught up in a terrible civil war - all the more so because the Congo is a former Belgian colony. Not so, Israel is once again being singled out of and demonized.

Why was the fence built? As Ramadan Shalah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader, publicly admitted, Israel's Security Fence is an important obstacle to the terrorist organizations policy of carrying out suicide attacks (photo above: suicide belts used by Palestinian terrorists turned into human bombs).

Source: MC Palestine and Actieplatform Palestina

"Bethlehem is an open air prison. (...) Paletinian society is oppressed by Israelly policies: occupation, stealing of land and sly ethnic cleansing. While this goes on, our leaders look the other way.

We will therefore form a human chain against the apartheid wall.

Will Mary, Joseph and the donkey be allowed to cross the checkpoint?"

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Anonymous said...

The present and the last Pope have clearly said that anti-semitism is a sin. What are any Christians in Belgium doing participating in this horrid blasphemy misusing Our Lady St Joseph and the Lord Himself in this political mockery.

They should consult a dictionary about apartheid.

The term is better used against countries which wish ethnically to cleanse Judea and Samaria before they take it over, or against the 100% Moslem Saudi Arabia.