Tuesday 4 November 2008

Colonisation of the Islamic Maghreb by Crusaders and Zionists denounced

Source: ESISC

New Aqim video threatening Algerian authorities and "Western interests"

"Our department specialized in the monitoring of Jihadists websites detected a new threat. AQIM posted these last hours on some Islamist websites a new video entitled "The war of bombs and landmines" featuring threats thought to be directed against French, U.S. and Israeli interests and Jewish communities.

This 39-minute video contains images from a dozen of terrorist operations in Boumerdes and other places in Kabylia (North East of the country) in which AQIM used bombs and mines. All the targets of those attacks were military personnel, police officers and security services officers. Other images show training camps in the desert and interviews of unemployed people, beggars and disabled persons criticising the despise displayed by the authorities. Social and economic policy of the government which impoverishes the nation is largely commented and criticized.

Last but not least, some images of the training of U.S. soldiers in Tamanrasset (Algeria) and Tan-Tan (Morocco) as well as some views of the Israeli Embassy in Nouakchott are also broadcasted in this video. The commentary of those particular images underlines the "presence of Crusaders and Zionists" which constitutes "a new colonisation of the Islamic Maghreb".

The conclusion of the video is that the powers in place in North Africa are "the successors of the French colonization": the Maghreb countries still "occupied" and suffer "political oppression" and "poverty", caused by "the non-distribution of resources and foreign occupation".

Then, AQIM announces that it will target Algerian authorities and "western interests": "The Algerian army cannot protect all those interests and AQIM should hit them easily".

No specific country is named as a potential target, but the general context, the commentary and the selections of images lead us to think that French and U.S. interests could be primarily targets, as well as "Zionist" interests.

The "Zionists" interests being non-existent in Maghreb, except the Israeli Embassy in Nouakchott (the only country in the area having official relations with Israel) we think that this embassy as well as the small Jewish communities of Morocco and Tunisia (Jewish presence is non existent in Algeria, Libya and Mauritania) could be targeted. The Israeli embassy was targeted by a terrorists attack on February 1st 2008 and threatened again in a specific message on August 6, 2008. the Tunisian Jewish community was targeted in the beginning of 2002 (attack on the Ghriba synagogue, in Djerba) and the Moroccan Jewish Community was one of the main targets of the attacks of May 2003 in Casablanca."

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