Sunday 23 November 2008

Greek insurance claims (and Jewish greed)

Abravanel makes an important but largely ignored point: there is a widespread belief in Europe - and not only in Greece - that Jews received and are still receiving considerable amounts of money from their own and the German governments as compensation for the Holocaust. The truth of the matter is that most Jewish survivors did not get their property back and received little or no compensation for their material losses, or for their suffering and the loss of their murdered relatives.

"... how interesting was it to see Christian Greeks acting in the same way that, when practiced by Jewish Greeks, is considered "greedy"."
"One of the leitmotifs in Greece is how Jews became immensely rich by compensations by Germany or even by Greece which supposedly paid Israel in return to Jewish property (!!!). This is augmented by the "Holocaust Industry" story in which Jews constantly ask for money and political support from Germany/Switzerland for the alleged victims, which is ten-fold the amount originally lost, (if indeed it was lost). I shall not bother to say that the word "Holocaust Industry" appears in Greece most often in the Far-Right or the Far-Left confirming my theory of an unholy alliance between them on this matter (despite some desperate few voices in the Left to whom I continue to pay tribute).

So when the story broke of Greeks seeking compensations from American life-insurances never paid after the 1922 mass persecutions of Greeks in Asia Minor by the new Turkish state during and after the 1921 Asia Minor Campaign I became curious to know more. Well it appears that the New York Life Insurance Company decided to pay out premiums to the holders of policies sold to persons of Greek descent who never claimed them - a decision linked to the indirect recognition that the persecution was part of a genocide policy.

The decision got a huge exposure in Greece in the television and radio; two posts (1, 2) dealing with the subject entered the WordPress Top 10 most popular posts on the 21st of September 2008. There were even some interviews of descendants in the television and many people hailed the decision for various reasons.

I would like to clarify that I find this decision by the New York Life Insurance Company absolutely correct and inherently moral. Personally I find the people who wish to get the compensations are acting in a legitimate and just manner, not aimed only in acquiring what is legally theirs but also in acknowledgment of the ethnic cleansing which was applied during the Greco-Turkish War.

Having cleared my personal view I would like to add how interesting was it to see Christian Greeks acting in the same way that, when practiced by Jewish Greeks, is considered "greedy". If I had published anything on the Jewish Claims Conference I know that (far too) many would think "wow, these Jews are aways obsessed with money". Hell, on seeing the names of some who commented triumphantly on the decision I recognized a couple who are even Holocaust-Deniers! But still, they had no trouble not only acclaiming the decision but asking for more money! I must admit that the inherent hypocrisy of these people shall never seize to amaze me…".

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Andrew Ian Dodge said...

Nothing coming out of Greece in regards to Jews surprises me. I was unpleasantly treated by Greeks at Hull University, baring a few, because they thought I was Jewish. (And an American too boot so no hope.)

Anonymous said...

How can it be greedy to claim back stolen property? It is not only the Greeks who take this attitude but also Poles. My wife's family had their extensive property in Breslau stolen by the Nazis, and it is now in the possession of private individuals in Poland. Is she greedy to want it back in full and not just the 15% which may be offered by the time she is dead? Surely the retention of stolen goods is wrong. The Greek Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church in Poland both teach the Commandment against stealing.

Anonymous said...

this website is antisemtic garbage!

Anonymous said...

So they can form parasitic relationships with their host societies, feeding off them like the leeches they are, and when the people they subjugate strike back, they should make money off of that too?

Jews are the only people who will shamelessly push for more discussions on compensation 70 years after the fact. If there's a nickel to be made, they won't rest.

And as we know here in the States, American Jews are even worse, disguising their brutality and heartlessness as capitalism and the "American Dream."

A Jew who owns a business will fire five of his employees, putting them in a situation where they might not be able to feed their children, if it means the difference between the Jew maintaining his country club membership and getting a new Mercedes that year.

A Jew will snatch a stale piece of bread out of the hands of a starving child if he thinks by doing that, he will profit in some way.

They are heartless, cruel and entirely focused on themselves. They will ALWAYS think of their own luxury before someone else's basic human dignities, they consider non-Jews subhuman, and any windfall or boon is shared among members of the tribe only, NEVER with those filthy, subhuman goys.

Isn't that right guys?