Wednesday 26 November 2008

Belgium: Hitler favourite dish TV show scrapped due to pressure exerted by "Semites"

The Flemish TV channel VRT1 has broadcast a satirical show "Man bijt hond" on the scrapping of a programme about Adolf Hitler’s favourite meal (details below).

Even if you don't understand Dutch, you can have a look at the video "Cancelled dish". It features a healthy and radiant Anne Frank preparing a meal and images reminiscent of Jews being taken away by Nazis - just for laughs - and of course the cooking of Hitler's supposedly favourite Bavarian dish: trout in butter sauce.

The "Semitic lobby" ?

The entertainer joked that the cooking show was cancelled due to "massive pressure exerted by Semites" and that Jews had over-reacted to a programme involving a "harmless dish cooked in a gas oven".

Source: CCOJB press release in French
"A tv station in Belgium has decided not to air on Tuesday a controversial culinary program which was due to feature "Adolf Hitler’s favourite meal."

The Jewish community and former deportees groups had reacted with dismay at the VRT Flemish public television program which, they said, was turning Hitler into a banal figure.I

n the program called "Plat préféré" (Favorite Dish), a professional cook brings up the favourite meal of a personality. Among the figures already presented were Jacques Brel, Salvador Dali and Freddy Mercury. This time, the cook was due to go to Hitler's haunts in Bavaria, southern Germany, to prepare 'trout with butter sauce' which is said to be one of the Nazi dictator’s favorite meals.

A Jewish magazine in Antwerp and CCOJB, the umbrella group of Jewish organizations in Belgium, denounced the program. "It is worrying to see that Hitler is turned into a banal figure, especially for the younger generation," Michael Freilich, chief editor of Joods Actueel magazine, said.

In a reaction last week, the tv station explained it was not its intention "to make Hitler more humane but rather to put him in the right context." VRT had "apologised in advance" if some people felt shocked by the program's contents.

"The management of VRT defends the content of the programme but preferred to withdraw it from scheduling on account of the controversy," the channel said in a statement, adding that the program clearly "shows that Jeroen Meus (the cook) has a dislike for Adolf Hitler and Nazism".
The station has decided instead to feature Greek opera singer Maria Callas."

Source: EJP
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I thought Adolf's favourite dish was Eva Braun.

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