Monday, 20 June 2011

Popular French comedian says many Jews want to leave France

Popular French comic actor Elie Semoun told on the radio that many French Jews want to leave France for Israel or the United States.

Elie Semoun said that there is a sort of massive paranoia ("grosse parano") and fear.  He indicated that as far as he is concerned he feels totally at ease and secure in France and thinks that Jews should stop being paranoid and wanting to leave.

Semoun has been to New York and was impressed by Jewish life there: Jewish shops, Jewish  neighborhoods, Jews going about their business with their yarmulkes, etc.  That's the environment French Jews aspire to leave in.  Hence the paranoia.  "I hear this a lot among the Jewish community."

In the 1990s, Élie Semoun was on stage and on television together with Dieudonné. In 1997, the scenic duo "Élie et Dieudonné" split and each went on a solo theater career. In 1998, they reunited in a screen comedy, Le Clone, which was a failure critically and financially. (Wikipedia)

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