Wednesday, 29 June 2011

France: anti-Semitic Dieudonné shooting first "popular comedy on the Holocaust"

Only in France ... "The antisemite", the first popular comedy about the Holocaust.

The film poster shows French comic actor Dieudonné, dressed in military uniform and hilarious, feeding a tiny portion of food [is it food?] to a hungry man dressed as a concentration camp prisoner begging for something to eat. The subtitle of the film refers to "the first popular comedy about the Holocaust". According to the poster, the film has been preemptively banned from cinemas and video outlets in France. It will be sold through Dieudonné's website.

Dieudonné ran for the presidential elections 2009 under the label of the "anti-Zionist party".

According to L'Express magazine, the comedian, who is still very popular in France, claimed in a press conference that the goal of the film is to highlight the role of Zionism in slavery in Europe.

Source : Gentside via CICAD


Truthiocity said...

Who are the actors? Who are the crew? Who is funding it?

I know there is no information in english at this time but this will be important to know. Every one of their names should be plastered all over the internet.

Truthiocity said...

I am sure there is no information in english about this but the names of the actors the crew and the funders needs to be plastered all over the internet.

Anonymous said...

Shameful and disgusting

Anonymous said...

We should have let the Germans have France in WW1, therefore avoiding WW2 and the Holocaust.

David said...

Regarding this creature of hell monsieur Dieudonne, as we say in california,"he's crusin for a brusin". Hope he gets it big time.

Anonymous said...


What about the role of Islam in slavery, which is ongoing today?

Anonymous said...

A film made by, with, and for warped people.

Anonymous said...

So why is this Frenchmaid wearing an American uniform? **shole.

Anonymous said...

The bearded man must represent a Muslim Waffen SS soldier directly engaged in the Holocaust. The Palestinian leader, Gruppenfuehrer Husseini, is off camera glowing with pride.