Thursday 16 June 2011

Belgium: a 85-year old Holocaust survivor assaulted at a bridge club

The head of a Brussels bridge club aged 60 violently slapped in the face a Holocaust survivor aged 85 who fought against the Nazis and who helped save a number of young girls from the Gestapo. 

Nothing - absolutely nothing - can justify that a much younger man assaults an elderly man. Reginald Delacroix is unrepentant and claims that Mr. Bernard Fenerberg [photo] was the aggressor... Sadly, a number of people witnessed the assault and did not show any sympathy with the victim - some of them were Jews. The blog that reports the incident observes that many within the Jewish community show a regrettable lack of sympathy to the suffering of others.  

Source: Agence Diasporique d'Information

Mensch 2009 : Des combattants juifs, les armes à la main
Discours et récit du sauvetage de fillettes juives au couvent du Très Saint-Sauver à Anderlecht en 1943, par Bernard Fenerberg, instigateur de l'action et participant, lors de la commémoration du 60ème anniversaire en 2003

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