Saturday, 18 June 2011

Flemish newspaper: Kikes and Nazis are all the same

Antwerp-based Jewish magazine Joods Actueel reports that a free Flemish magazine available in Belgium and the Netherlands in the areas of Knokke-Heist, Sluis, Cadzand, Aardenburg, Oostburg, Brugge has published an article complaining bitterly about "kikes" in Belgium (in particular their behavior in the posh seaside resort Knokke) and about their cruelty against Palestinians in Israel. Below are excerpts translated from the Dutch.

"The Gaza Strip, the West Bank and the Golan Heights are only small blemishes on the handkerchief of international politics [...] There are settlements, walls are built and the world watches passively. From time to time a finger is pointed in reprimand and that's it. Some [Palestinian] children will throw stones while a pre-war bomb is launched towards Zion, but the gray squirrels [reference to the author who signs "Red Squirrel"] with their yarmulkes continue to grab land at the expense of the Palestinians. Aren't the Jews the chosen people? Didn't the Aryans [reference to the Nazis] make the same claim? Kikes ["smouzen", derogatory term for Jews and also means cheater, dog, etc.] and the Nazis, all in the same bag. They are Übermenschen, what nonsense."

"Have you ever tried to take a stroll in May on the Knokke promenade? It seems that the whole diaspora troops have flocked together. Men with their curls, their funny aprons and black hats. The women wear wigs and long stockings. The whole world belongs to them. Do they make way for you? No way.  We are the chosen people, dear sir. And then they wonder why we can't stand them."
"The chestnut tree standing in the garden of the Anne Frank house fell. Is this a positive omen?" [Treasured Anne Frank Tree Felled by Storm]


Joods Actueel has contacted the Knokke police spokesperson. Inspector Vaneenoghe formally declared that Jews cause no problems and that there are no police records or complaints about the conduct of the Jews who stay at the resort. The mayor of Knokke, Count Leopold Lippens, said he was shocked by the racial connotations of the article. "It's absurd. Everyone is welcome here. We are all Belgians."  He ordered the magazine to be removed from all public places (shops, libraries etc) .
Guy Poelvoorde, the editor in chief of the De Zwinkrant, was also contacted. At first, he welcomed the request of Joods Actueel to publish a right of reply. 
But when asked to confirm his consent by email, he slammed the phone.  Two days later the article is still available on line.  The editor remains unrepentant and claims that it was just "satire" and that there is no ill feeling towards Jews.
To contact Guy Poelvoorde: Mobile 0475/39 34 98 or email guy.poelvoorde @ - regular mail to G. Poelvoorde Pits Bosdreef 7, 8200 Brugge

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