Saturday, 8 March 2008

The world has grown weary of the Islamist's creed

From Haaretz: "To the Westerner who 'understands' the terrorist", by Bradley Burston

"Last week, when Israeli forces drove into Gaza, and some 120 Palestinians were killed, many of them were gunmen, but with children making up another sixth of the total, one grieving father spoke with quiet eloquence, saying "Other places in the world, when this happens, there is a great outcry. When this happens here, the world is silent. No one cares."

He's right. The world has grown content to let Palestinians die. The reason is not simple callousness. And it is not, as Hamas proclaims to its followers in Gaza, that the Jews control the world media and world finance, and thus Western government as well.

The reason is terrorism.

The world has grown weary of the Islamist's creed, that only the armed struggle can resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and that the only proper resolution is the end of Israel.

Even the Israeli left, which for decades championed the Palestinian with courage and determination, has, in large part, had it with the Palestinians. The reason is terrorism. The reason is murder. The reason is that the rulers of Gaza are people who see an intrinsic value in the killing of Jews for the sake of increasing the number of dead Jews in the world. The rulers of Gaza cannot bring themselves to accept the concept of sharing the Holy Land with the Jews.

The best that the rulers of Gaza can do, is to bring an end to hope among their own people and ours as well.

They believe that the Jewish state is temporary, and that they Jews will soon abandon it to Islamic rule.

After all this time, you'd think they'd know the Jews a little better."
Decent people in the West have indeed grown thoroughly weary of the Islamist's creed. The lack of sympathy is such that, in spite of the usual hype, very few attended pro-Palestinian demonstrations in Europe last week. About 200 gathered in Paris and less than ... 100 in Brussels (photo).

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Jason said...

Well thought out. I have to agree, at least here in the USA if a kid is shot somewhere there is a huge outcry, but when it happens elsewhere not so much. Heck look at katrina, vs the Sunami. I think it may simply be a tribal function. For example I feel a much greater loss when a family memeber passes than a stranger in my own community. I feel even less remorse the further away the person is. I don't think the average person does not care, they are simply too consumed with their own day to day. I like many Americans are having trouble right now understanding why we with the incredible debt we have continue to try to police the world, and not just come home and concentrate on keeping our country strong, and independant from the rest of the world. Anyway, great article.