Sunday, 23 March 2008

Bruno Guigue, a French civil servant sacked over anti-Israeli article

Old habits die hard:

Source: Press TV

"France has sacked a senior civil servant over publishing an anti-Israeli diatribe on a web site, the interior ministry announced.

Bruno Guigue wrote in an online column this month that Israel was the only regime that allows "snipers shoot down little girls outside their school gates," AFP reported.

Guigue, author of several books on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, also wrote of the "Israeli jails where - thanks to religious law - they stop torturing on the Sabbath.

Interior Minister Michele Alliot-Marie dismissed Guigue, deputy prefect of the southwestern town of Saintes, after learning of the column on Wednesday. HE/PA "

Bruno Guige's column (in French) at
"When the pro-Israel lobby lashes out at the United Nations"
"Il arrive que justice soit faite: Guigue passe à la trappe qu'il avait préparée pour Israël"


Enzo said...

I was just looking for this particular news and after googling a bit I have to say that your post is the most comprehensive of them all.

Unknown said...

Being anti-Israel has nothing to do with being antisemite.
I am a great admirer of the Jewish community, history, religion and race, and I consider that the State of Israel has gradually become, during the last 20 years, a cause of disgrace for everything I admire in the Jews.
Andre Teissier-duCros

Anonymous said...

What is said about Israel is totally correct. I can't understand this contradiction in Europe; when a guy insults arabs and muslims we call it freedom of expression and when somebody tells the truth about Israel, nobody agrees with him and in addition he is fired.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Manel. Medias in the US and Europe play astutely on the false notion that being antisemite and anti-Israel are one of the same thing. As if being anti-White Anglo Saxon and anti-American was one and the same.

JK said...

Being "anti-Zionist" is the easiest way to be an antisemite, in France where racist speech (including anti-arab of course) is a crime.
The fact is no "anti-Zionist" will ever admit to be an antisemite while the proportion of the general population in France having antisemitic prejudices is about 30%!

Contrary to what some comments say, Bruno Guigue was not fired under the excuse of his opinions on Israel. He was fired because a civil servant has a "duty of reservation" restricting his free speach by fear it could be confused with an official statement.
And of course, his statements were outrageous and without any legal proof.