Thursday, 6 March 2008

For Belgian Minister Israeli military operations in Gaza are "shocking"

Le Soir reports that, at a press conference held in Ramallah on Tuesday, Belgian Minister for Foreign Aid, Charles Michel, stated that operations conducted on Saturday in response to Hamas terrorist attacks by the Israeli army in Gaza were "shocking".

The Minister conceded that "Israel is entitled to security and that rocket attacks against cities are unacceptable", but added that "the Israeli response is excessive and disproportionate. It goes against international human rights law".

He stressed that "As a politician and a minister of the Belgian government, I represent our country and am the bearer of this message".

Mr. Michel's statements are at odds with those by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's (BBC):

"Ms Rice said the US was concerned about the toll of innocent life, but blamed Hamas for triggering the bloodshed." And: "The people who are firing rockets do not want peace, they sow instability, that is what Hamas is doing."

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