Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Israelis compared to Nazi SS on Belgian radio blog

These are some of the comments (translated for this blog) posted on the Belgian public radio (RTBF, French-speaking) website (comments are moderated!) following the interview of Ms. Tamar Samash, Israeli Ambassador to Belgium, on March 10.

It seems that defamation of Israelis and Jews by malicious association with the most powerful symbols of evil (Nazis, S.S., tumours, genocide perpetrators, child killers, land grabbers etc.) does not count as anti-Semitism any more - it has become, in some quarters, acceptable criticism. No other groups or countries are vilified in this way.

"At 17 your people are children (but at 18 they are soldiers !). The babies on the other side are terrorists. Shut up, Madam! You resort to doublepeak like your predecessors. Anne-Françoise"

"Each time I listen to Israeli representatives, I am disgusted. You have created an open air prison. All the resources of the region belong to you. You steal their land (colonies). You ask them not to attack Israel, but you carry on stealing their land for your benefit. If I were Palestinian, I would act like them. Stop being hypocrites, you do not want peace. You want their land! You are doing to the Palestinians what the SS did to the Jews! Vincent"

"During the second world war, my father protected Jewish children thus saving their lives. He did not act out of "love" for Jews, but for the good of humanity, out of love for human beings, out of love for children. He would turn in his grave if he witnessed the atrocities inflicted on the Palestinians, by other human beings, by the very people he helped to save. LeSauveur"

"When will Israel realise that it is no longer the Jews who are the victims of today’s Holocaust? This would surely help counter anti-Semitism (which they confuse - deliberately - with anti-Israel sentiment...). Philippe Sergeant"

"Israel was granted more than 55 percent of historic Palestine land by the League of Nations (United Nations) even though the land did not belong to it … but they have not had enough… Their bad faith is sordid and scandalous. LD"

"Madam, When you speak you should mention a story you seem to forget. The existence of the State Israel was the result of a "cowardly" United Nations decision in favour of a people who had indeed suffered, but to whom a state was offered within a Palestinian state [sic]. (…) There is no doubt that the Jews have suffered, but you are among the wealthiest people in the world, why then build borders on a territory you ought to share. The Panda"

"I listened to the new ambassador. She made me feel nauseous and made me want to vomit… No, Madam, Israel has never made a single mistake: it is us who do not belong to the "Chosen People", it is us who are "Cattle", who are guilty: we perpetrated a crime against Humanity when, in 1948, we allowed the triumph of Zionism, a "Tumour in the midst of Judaism". For the last 60 years, Palestinians have been paying every day with their blood for our boundless cowardice. Israel does not want peace. Patiently, it grabs the whole land through ethnic cleansing - a slow genocide. Are all your new historians who, very courageously revealed the historic truth, traitors? Madam, your founding myths have been blown apart: your position is … pathetic. Jacques Rossignol"

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