Saturday 24 November 2007

A spate of anti-Semitic acts in Paris 10th arrondissement

The CRIF (Conseil Représentatif des Institutions Juives de France) reports that Le Parisien carried an article on a spate of anti-Semitic acts perpetraded recently in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. The Jewish community is both worried and exasperated. On Sunday 18 November a 15-year old boy, wearing a kippa, was beaten up by three boys when leaving home. On Saturday 17 November two 10- year olds were verbally abused and punched by a boy the same age in the Vellefaux school playground. The Jewish community held a spontaneous demonstration on Tuesday 20 November. One mother complained: "The insults are only one aspect of the violence. Youngsters threaten to burn our buildings and shout: "This is Palestine. Go home". It is hell to put up with this on a daily basis."

The newspaper also referred to the murder in 2003 of a young man, Sébastien Sellam. The alleged murdered, Adel, was a neighbour and a friend. After slitting his victim’s throat and mutilating his face, Adel went home and declared: "I have killed a Jew! I will go to heaven!"

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"This is Palestine." Hmm...