Wednesday 7 November 2007

Cartoonist Ben Heine draws a Zionist "Myriam" (Tlaxcala blog)

Fausto Giudice, an Italian, announced on Tlaxcala (a Spanish website) that he and Ben Heine will shortly be writing a constitution for Israel based on the Decalogue. In the meantime, Ben Heine, a Belgian, has drawn a Zionist "Myriam".
A German reader of Tlaxcala expressed utter shock at the article and drawing: "It is really saddening to see the overt and disgusting anti-Semitism you are publishing on your homepage. It is a pity that right now I don't have the time and money, but I hope somebody will sue you for this article, Ulrich Becker."

"Every state has its motto, its flag, its national anthem and its Constitution. But one state does not follow this rule: Israel. Besides, what kind of political system has this State? Monarchy? Republic? No one can answer it, as even if Israel has a flag and a national anthem it has neither Constitution nor motto. It is also the only United Nations state member that has not deposited a map of its borders before the UN. ...
Therefore from this proposition cartoonist Ben Heine has drawn a Zionist "Myriam". At glance everybody will recognize Delacroix’s Marianne standing up on 1830 barricades from the famous picture "Liberty guiding the people". However she is armed with a menorah, the Jewish seven branches candlestick. It is possible that her bare breasts could shock orthodox rabbis, although Zionists can be accused of anything except prudery. Evidently, this Zionist Myriam should be suspicious and keep a distance from Israel’s fallen president Moshe Katsav, a sexual harasser of women.
So we have repaired an oblivion and henceforth the state of Israel has a motto. In short we will start writing a Constitution tailored to this State, directly inspired from the the Bible’s Decalogue, the 10 Commandments transmitted to Moshe by Yehova on Mount Sinai."

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Interesting what causes an obsession like this one? Some childhood trauma?