Tuesday 13 November 2007

For President Sarkozy the creation of Israel is one of the "miracles" of the 20th century

The AJC reports:
"French President Nicolas Sarkozy was honored today [7 Nov.] by the American Jewish Committee with the global advocacy organization’s prestigious Light Unto the Nations Award.
"Above all, we honor President Sarkozy’s conviction, conscience, and courage - qualities that are in short supply in a world desperately in need of all three," said AJC Executive Director David A. Harris.
The AJC award pays tribute to outstanding statesmanship.
"President Nicolas Sarkozy is a man of passion," said Harris. "It is his passion, combined with his conviction, conscience, and courage, that has quickly elevated him to a place of exceptional prominence and respect on the global stage."
Richard J. Sideman, AJC National President, opening the meeting and award ceremony, saluted President Sarkozy’s "unparalleled vigor and uncommon principle," and spoke of the common challenges and threats facing the "sister democracies" of the United States, France and Israel. …
"Anti-Semitism must be attacked head on," declared President Sarkozy. "Once you try to explain anti-Semitism, you are rationalizing anti-Semitism."
He said anti-Semitism is a reality that must be acknowledged, not denied. "We cannot fight against what is denied," he said. "Unless you agree on a diagnosis, you cannot find the remedy."
President Sarkozy described himself as a committed friend of Israel who regards the very creation of the state as one of the "miracles" of the twentieth century. ...
"He is steadfast in his opposition to anti-Semitism," said Harris, recalling President Sarkozy’s words at a 2004 AJC luncheon in Washington, when he declared: "I consider any insult against Jews an insult against France.""

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