Monday 12 November 2007

Ben Heine - another victim of the Zionist Lobby

Simply Jews has this strong comment on Ben Heine’s angry reaction at the withdrawal of his self-promotional page on Wikipedia by Karl Meier, a member of the famous Zionist Lobby:
"Attention Zionists at Work !!!
I didn't grok that Flicker could be used as a ersatz blog: just upload a picture and start carping around it. But here is an unexciting, albeit pitiful, wail from Ben Heine, he of the Iranian Holocaust cartoon competition fame.
Another Victim of the Zionist Lobby
No more and no less. Ehehe....
To put things straight, dear Ben: a cockroach squashed by a bulldozer can call itself a victim of industrial revolution with more reasons than you can call yourself a victim of this or any other lobby. A fart in a hurricane would be more apt as a description of your miserable life story...
In fact, all operatives of the Elders' field units are under strict order to keep a safe distance.
It is the smell, you know."

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Thanks for the reference, appreciated.