Sunday 8 March 2009

Dutch Foreign Minister deplores revived antisemitism in Europe

"It is an excuse for terrorists, but also for youth to raise hell. Not only in the Netherlands, but in whole of Europe you see that. Calls to a new intifada and gassing of Jews. They're all dreadful slogans from which appears enormous hate. With on the one hand Islamophobia and on the other hand a revived antisemitism."

Maxime Verhagen, Dutch Foreign Minister, about using the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as an excuse for violence in Europe.

Source: Islam in Europe

By way of illustration:
The "Norway, Israel and the Jews" blog reporting on the latest incidents of anti-Jewish/Israel violence in Sweden:
- “Malmö is Gaza”
- Dagsavisen gilds the rose
- Demonstrators attack police in Malmö, Sweden
- Demonstration in Malmö, Sweden
- Nazis, anti-fascists, threaten tennis match

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Anonymous said...

Here's some good news from Norway, dated February 17th - the boycott isn't working, so far:


NTB today report that Norway imported goods for NOK 71,3 million in January 2009, an increase of 24,4 percent from January of 2008, according to the Norwegian Bureau of Statistics.

Several policians argued for a boycott of goods from Israel after the war on the Gaza-strip in January this year.

– I'll be the first to admit that the call for a boycott of Israel hasn't been a hit here in Norway, so far, says Parliament representative Bjørn Jacobsen (Socialist Left) to Vårt Land.

He still stands by the call for boycott.

– We still encourage for a boycott of Israeli goods and ask Norwegian consumers not to select Israeli products when they go shopping. We are not giving up on this issue just because of statistics, says Jacobsen.