Thursday 15 January 2009

Pallywood Alert: Bruno Stevens on the Gaza Beat

Source: Augean Stables

"Rudi Roth writes from Belgium that Bruno Stevens is in Gaza. In a comment to an article in HLN.BE on anti-semitic graffiti on a French synagogue, Anti Volkenmoordenaars, Tervuren writes:

"Bruno Stevens, is fully occupied in Gaza. He’s the only journalist who can get in despite the fact that the Jews [sic] tried to hide the truth by blocking the journalists. [Note, no comment about why the Egyptians have blocked them.] His first messages and photos can be seen in HNB. Soon also in NW, PM, and Stern!!"

Rudi writes:

"That is the same guy who took the photo of the never shot F16 above Lebanon …

and "knows"
everything about Al Dura, just everything.

We can expect a lot of pallywood with that guy ...

I am ashamed that such a man has my nationality."

I’ve discussed Bruno’s work and his analysis in the Lebanon War, also available in French.

Keep an eye for his photos."

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