Saturday 31 January 2009

Icelandic protest: bicycle shop "Jews are not welcome"

Some in Iceland [320,000 inhabitants] don't like Jews. Even in Iceland ...

"To protest against the Israeli operation in Gaza and show solidarity with Hamas, a bicycle shop in Reykjavik, capital of Iceland shows a poster reading "Jews are not welcome".

According to an Icelandic source, the word used 'Judar' has a negative tone in the local language whereas 'Gyndingur' is the correct neutral word."

Sources: EJP and
More anti-Israel protests in Reykjavik (Jan. 12)

"Around 30 people are currently protesting outside the Icelandic parliament building. The protesters are angry that Iceland has not been outspoken in its criticism of Israel’s current military operations in the Gaza Strip, according to

The group is now outside parliament, but originally met this morning on the lawn of the Prime Minister’s office. Police are following the protesters, but have not yet done anything to intervene.

Some of the protesters are lying on the front steps of parliament, meaning police may see fit to move them should access to the building be significantly impeded."
Protesters pelt Iceland Foreign Ministry (Jan. 11)

"A group of ten to 15 protesters, mostly wearing masks, gathered outside the Icelandic Foreign Ministry on Friday afternoon and pelted the building with balloons filled with red paint.

The protesters aim was to turn the building red in protest at Iceland’s continued political relations with Israel. According to a statement from the group, Iceland should immediately halt diplomatic relations with Tel Aviv in protest at the bloodshed currently taking place in the Gaza Strip.

Police surrounded the building quickly, but the protesters disbursed peacefully and nobody was arrested.

Reykjavik also participated in yesterday’s Europe-wide series of protests against the current Israeli operation in Gaza."


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Well, let's not forget that the Jooz have stolen their money recently...

Andrew Ian Dodge said...

So what is Iceland's Muslim population?

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of vacationing in Iceland this summer. Now, I think not.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but who cares? The world is going to hell in a handbasket and Jewish people are still wanting to come across as victims time and time again. The Holocaust happened - every single person in the world is deeply sorry now can we look to other world crises or does anti-semtimism have to form the focal point of every single political discussion, website discussion and newspaper article?

Constant accusations of anti-semitism become tiresome. Other communities nowadays have to put up with more virulent discrimination on a daily basis and they don't go running to the press to get it publicised as the people behind that article seem to have done? It's as if the ADL are constantly search the wensites for news on anti-semitism to prove some sort of point. We live in a world where there is extreme poverty, racism, material inequality and discrimination. That is a fact, and if someone realy believes that the world is going to miraculously turn into some sort of Utopia then they are deluded.

There is discrimination against many, many groups - not just against Jewish people who for some reason always need to monopolise this issue. The reason for the surge in anti-semtism is Israel and the Zionist support of Israel. No one says that is right but things never happen in a vacuum.

Anonymous said...

to sorry but who cares I hope someone shoots a so-called homemade rocket up your sorry ass and see who is crying then

Anonymous said...

To this other "Anonymous:" This is a website about Jews. If you aren't interested in Jews, and think that we aren't a focal point, then what the hell are you doing reading this blog and taking the time to post on it?

And believe me, Jews would like nothing better than NOT to be "the focal point of every single political discussion." God knows, how many fricking Jews are there in Iceland? These people demonstrating outside the Parliament are the ones making it a focus.

I know your kind, my friend. The kind who blame Jews for taking an interest in our own welfare. How dare we oppose anti-Semitism, when there are so many much worse problems in the world. Do you tell that to gays in Europe? How dare they make such a fuss about a few beatings, and the occasional murder, when there are so many worse things in the world?

And there's a nice touch at the end: "No-one says it is right" - well apparently the ones doing it think it is right, and apparently we are not to oppose it, according to you.

Anonymous said...

They seem to forget that Iceland suggest the UN partition plan:

Anonymous said...

To sorry who cares:

Please explain to me how a sign in a shop window that says "Jews Not Welcome" is not anti-semitism?

I don't "want to come across as a victim" - I just want Jews to be able to walk into a shop without being victimized by such putrid hatred.

Apparently, this bike shop owner (and millions more) are not deeply sorry that the Holocaust happened.

Frankly, I don't care one whit whether they are sorry or not - I just don't want it to happen again. And when you read of the constant physical attacks in Europe and the genocidal calls coming out of Iran and Hamas, it is not the time to say "who cares" unless you are the type who doesn't care whether minorities are allowed to board a bus or eat at a restaurant or be part of our societies and are someone who wishes for constant war.

Kreplach said...

Bravo to the last Anonymous. Well said

Anonymous said...

Iceland is under attack !!!
See the actual video.

Anonymous said...

Iceland has had a proud history of Jew-Hatred. Icelanders took to the streets to protest the implosion of their economy because of the problems caused BY THEIR GOVERNMENT AND THEIR BANKS. So they b;ame the Jews. IF I HAD THE POWER THEY ASCRIBE TO 'JEWISH BANKER' I would fuck up their ecomy so badly they would be reduced to eating codfish skin..again

Icelander said...

No one in Iceland blamed jews for massive failure of our banks.

Don't be an ignorant tard.

The reason people were protesting is because Israel used phosphorous bombs on civilians.

Get your head out of your ass.

Unknown said...

To the Icelander;

Since you live on a totally insignificant island, you couldn't understand being surrounded by terrorists who only want to kill every man woman and children in the country. It's none of your business if Israel defends itself. STFU

Anders said...

Your fellow scandinavians will always back you up against the international jewish bankers :o)

Anonymous said...

I invite the Island people who are supporting hamas to stay just one week in the south part of Israel and to feel how are the daily life feeling when rokets are folling from gaza and killing people and this is for many years now.
If you want to take a part or to give an idea to us and before you say sommething agains us its better for you to chek the reality and hear both parts of this conflict if not its better to shout your mouth.
best regards Mark