Monday 26 January 2009

Dominican friar slams "Madoff the Pharisee" and Israel

First came news that the Vatican issued a decree lifting excommunication of traditionalist bishop Richard Williamson who claims that gas chambers didn't exist, then came news that Portuguese Dominican friar Bento Domingues O.P. wrote an article in the Público newspaper stating that :

"For eight years we were made to believe in all the deceptions by George Bush and his clique and in the shameful Wall Street dealings. We are now being made to believe that Barack Obama is the saviour of the superpower and that he will save the world.

It is normal that each group seeks to attract the President to its own camp and there is no doubt that those who wield little power elected Obama. But it will be the most powerful who, to the benefit of the virtuality of the market economy and its dynamism, will divert Obama's attention away from the poorest peoples in the Americas, Africa and Palestine. Israel has already done enough to show that even with Madoff the Pharisee in jail, the U.S. will continue to have faith in Israel, in spite of having committed all manner of crimes against humanity."

All the obscene anti-Semitic ingredients are here: Jews (the most powerful), personified by Madoff the Pharisee and Israel, are such power grabbers and selfish cheats that they are responsible for all the ills and poverty in the world. At least Frei Bento Domingues is frank about his antipathy for Jews, and doesn't hide behind sophisticated arguments to hide the fact.

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