Monday 22 December 2008

Madoff scandal: anti-Semitic claims and anti-Semitic counterclaims

This gem - supposedly very funny and insightful - was found in an anti-Semitic Portuguese blog (N.N.*) :

"It has been reported that the American Jew Bernard Madoff will be awarded the Julius Streicher (photo) neo-Nazi gold medal in recognition of his Jewish swindle whereby he robbed [... list of Jews and Jewish organisations ...] and many others."

N.N. blogger then writes that they (only Jews and Jewish organisations) were swindled out of 50 billion US dollars and that this sum is not guaranteed by the American Jewish banking network.

Jews complicit in a huge fraud

So far so good: just classic anti-Semitic tropes, but much too naive and black and white for Portuguese negationist blogger H.D.C.*.

H.D.C. is a really sophisticated thinker who is able to see through layers of Jewish tricks and propaganda. In his blog he mostly uses material written by well-known Jewish useful idiots to promote his negationist views. He commented as follows :

"Don't trust what you read. In fact none of these individuals or organisations has lost a single dollar. It's all a smoke screen."

In other words, the whole thing is a complex Jewish scam. Jews pretend to have been victims of a Jew, but in reality they are complicit, and stand to gain from the fraud in terms of victimhood, money and power !

It's easy to guess who he believes are the genuine victims of the fraud.

* link withheld for obvious reasons.

Anti-Semitism floods Internet after Madoff scandal, Jewish group says

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