Sunday 21 December 2008

Belgium: Mary, Saint Joseph, the donkey, checkpoints and the "apartheid wall"

As reported here
Mary, Joseph and the donkey
Leuven, Saturday 20 December 2008
A 300-strong (!) human chain to protest against the "apartheid wall"
"Bethlehem is an open air prison. (...) Paletinian society is oppressed by Israelly policies: occupation, stealing of land and sly ethnic cleansing. While this goes on, our leaders look the other way.
We will therefore form a human chain against the apartheid wall. Will Mary, Joseph and the donkey be allowed to cross the checkpoint?"


The Maverick said...

For shame. Thank you for exposing this. A similar thing happened in the UK with the 'walled nativity.' Ironically life in Bethlehem is better than ever this year for Christians!

Anonymous said...

Don't give these leftist idealists more attention then they deserve. They could not round up more than 250 souls, for an issue that is no issue at all in Belgium. The leftists, who like everywhere in the world support and appease the arabs, are a minority in this country. After the coming elections (june 2009) there will be a lot of pressure on the public broadcasters to stop spreading leftist idiocy. Before then, the arabs in Gaza will have launched their third intifadah and by doing so they'll lose all credibility and support in the West.