Tuesday 30 December 2008

Germany's Merkel blames Hamas for Gaza violence

Angela Merkel is the only European leader to have unequivocally pinned the blame on Hamas (so far).

"German Chancellor Angela Merkel blames Hamas for the escalation of violence in Gaza because of the firing of rockets into Israel and the abandonment of its ceasefire, her spokesman said Monday. In a telephone call Sunday evening, Merkel and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert "agreed that the responsibility for the development of the situation in the region clearly and exclusively lies with Hamas," spokesman Thomas Steg told a regular government news conference.

"Hamas unilaterally broke the agreement for a ceasefire, there has been a continuous firing of...rockets at Israeli settlements and Israeli territory, and without question - and this was stressed by the chancellor - Israel has the legitimate right to defend its own people and territory," Steg said.

"As a result it is completely clear that in this situation Hamas is called upon to permanently stop the firing of rockets so that Israeli military operations can be ended quickly." (...)"

Source: Easybourse

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