Sunday 28 September 2008

UN General Assembly President Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann hugged Ahmadinejad

Caught on Video: The response of the UN to Antisemitism - Applause and a Hug from General Assembly President

Source: Ynet News

'Why did he embrace Ahmadinejad?'

"Israel's new United Nations Ambassador, Professor Gabriella Shalev, is fuming. In a talk with Ynet, Shalev blasted UN General Assembly President Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann, who hugged Iranian President Ahmadinejad following his anti-Semitic speech. Brockmann himself delivered an anti-American speech and also harshly criticized Israel.

"To my deep regret, in my first session representing Israel I was forced to hear d'Escoto and I found it hard to believe what I was hearing," she said. "In his speech, d'Escoto declared war on the United States and World Bank, and also dedicated a whole paragraph to Israel, saying that the UN's great failure is the fact that a Palestinian State was not established in 1947, as part of the partition plan."

"The man is known for his dislike for Israel, to put it mildly, and those who heard the speech could think that Israel is the most important country in the world, as if there are no other problems or hotbeds of terrorism in the world," Shalev said.

Israel's ambassador is also upset at d'Escoto's warm embrace of President Ahmadinejad.

"I heard that the Iranian president's address was followed by loud applause, and that d'Escoto warmly embraced him," she said. "He was also expected to join a dinner with Arab leaders to mark the end of Ramadan, with Ahmadinejad also in attendance.""

According to his biography on Wikipedia, Brockmann is a Catholic priest and used to be an official with the World Council of Churches. What a surprise!
World Council of Churches leader: the Israel/South Africa apartheid analogy again


The_Editrix said...

"According to his biography on Wikipedia, Brockmann is a Catholic priest ... What a surprise!"

No doubt that brockmann is a louse. However, should that be a (poor) attempt at sarcasm: Maybe you ought to get some education about the history of the "Third Reich" and the part Catholics played.

If it isn't sarcasm: Well said.

Anonymous said...

An Arab State was offered as part of the UN partition plan for the end of the British Mandate, but the Arabs turned it down and Arab Armies invaded the area intending to destroy the few Jewish farmers who set up the State of Israel.

As for Catholics in the Third Reich they have a better record than Protestants but their authorities had no idea how to deal with a totalitarian state. They mostly kept their heads down. See for example Gunter Lewy "The Catholic Church and the Third Reich" by a German Jewish refugee and a distinguished historian.

Anonymous said...

I read in a book by some jewish historian and a professor in DePaul University, can't think of a name right now, that the first war between Israel and the Arabs happened because Zionists started evicting thousands of Palestinians from their homes.