Thursday 11 September 2008

Belgian MP Véronique Jamoulle says Israel worst violator of international law and human rights

In a debate on 4 June held in Brussels at the Parliament of the Belgian French-speaking community, Véronique Jamoulle (Socialist MP) justified the boycott of Israel (i.e. the refusal to ratify a partnership agreement signed in 2001, and ratified by Israel in 2004) thus:

"I am aware that we have partnership agreements with other countries which do not rigorously respect human rights – yesterday we discussed Tunisia - but I do not know of any other country, which, at present, violates international law and fundamental human rights as badly as Israel (…)."

Isn't this simply a gross defamation of Israel? Presumably, Ms. Jamoulle was only echoing the Socialist Party’s line.

Before leaving his post in 2007, former Israeli Ambassador to Belgium Yehudi Kinar complained about the French Community's unwillingness to ratify the partnership agreement, while cooperating with Lybia and organizing a mega Palestinian festival in 2008.

Poster from the Belgian-Palestinian Association (Brussels-Wallonia) website. The poster was created by Oxfam Belgium in 2003 and withdrawn by Oxfam International following a campaign led by the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

For more on this subject see:
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Anonymous said...

In a world containing China, Russia, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Saudia Arabia, the Sudan, etc. for a Belgian MP to believe that suggests an explanation other than the factual. What indeed could be inspiring the lady concerned?

Anonymous said...

Did the "Palestinian festival" include a commemoration of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem's visit to Nuremburg rallies and his discussions with the Fuhrer?

Anonymous said...

I think its the hypocrisy that gets everyone's goat. Israel does violate many International Laws. But, media always spins in opposition to this fact.

I find that most anti-semitism is analagous to things-most of which has nothing to do with racial malcontent, that run contrary to Israeli interest.