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Hamas statements on Israel (2006-2007)

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A reminder of Hamas' avowed goals (statements made in 2006 and 2007)

Osama Hamdan, the Hamas representative in Lebanon, said, "We [the Hamas] are preparing for a conflict, not just as preparation for Israeli aggression - as that entity is based on aggression - but rather because the final goal of the resistance is to wipe that entity off the face of the earth. This goal requires the development of the abilities of the resistance, until that entity is eliminated." (Al Kawthar Iranian TV station, 6 August 2007).

The Armed Struggle, Including Terrorism
On the day commemorating the Naqba [the "catastrophe", the term used by Arabs to refer to Israel's achieving statehood], Hamas prime minister Ismail Haniyeh gave a speech in which he stressed, "We are concentrating on politics but have not abandoned our arms" (al-Hayat al-Jadeeda, 15 May 2007).

In a speech given at one of the Gaza mosques on 21 May, Haniyeh called on the Palestinians to adhere to the option of "resistance" to the "occupation", giving his opinion that resistance is the best way to be saved from the occupation. He promised to continue the resistance until shahada [martyrdom, death for the sake of Allah] or victory (Hamas website, 21 May 2007).

In an interview to a Hamas-affiliated weekly, Haniyeh said: "Hamas has been true to its principles and true to the resistance and there is no change in its permanent strategic positions [i.e., non-recognition of Israel 's right to exist]… The basic guidelines of the unity government do not contradict the principles of the Palestinian people and the resistance was even the main element in the basic guidelines, as evidenced by the fact that the Americans, Israel and many European states believe that the government did not fulfill the international demands and that its basic guidelines do not meet the Quartet's conditions" (a-Rasalla, 19 April 2007).

In another interview, Haniyeh claimed, "Israel attacks all our legitimate rights. Therefore our government affirms that all resistance to occupation by all methods is the legitimate right of the Palestinian people" (Novsimaya gazeta, 19 March 2007).

"Resistance is the only way for Palestine 's liberation and that is the serious and non-tactical option of all Palestinians" (IRNA, 10 December 2006).

Haniyeh praised the female terrorist Fatma al Najjar aged 57 [who blew herself up near Israeli forces in Jabaliyah on 23 November 2006]: "She wore the uniform of Jihad, read her last will, took her weapons and went to fight the enemy" (Aljazeera TV, 6 December 2006).

Haniyeh: "There will be no dialogue or negotiations with the Occupation, but rather resistance and steadfastness" (Aljazeera TV, 6 December 2006).

Khalid Mash'al, Head of the Hamas Politbureau, said, at a rally marking the third anniversary of the death of Sheikh Yaseen, "The Hamas movement has sacrificed Yihya Ayyash, Jamal Mansur, Salah Shehadah and others. Hamas has sacrificed all these but will not retreat from its course, whatever the doubts that others may express. We shall never give up an inch of the fatherland nor any of our rights nor any part of our land... We shall go the way of resistance, which is not a straight line but means blows, clashes, one round after another, attacks and withdrawals. The course is to Palestine, to cleanse Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa. This is our way against the occupation. Hamas was and always will be strong in Jihad [holy war] and Istish-had [suicide bombings]" (Aljazeera TV, 6 April 2007).

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