Monday, 31 October 2011

Switzerland: again Muslims use 'Jewish-star' in anti-Islamophobia protest

A reader (RR) sent this: "In fact, the yellow star used by the Nazis as a badge of shame against the Jews was first introduced by a caliph in Baghdad in the 9th century, and spread to the West in medieval times." (Bernard Lewis - The Jews of Islam - Princeton University Press, 1987, pp. 25-26)

It is not the first time: Swiss Muslims denounce islamophobia with infamous yellow badge (August 2011)
And now this two months later:
Source: Islam in Europe - Via Tages-Anzeiger (German):

Several hundred Muslims gathered from across Switzerland Saturday for a protest against Islamophobia. The 'Day against Islamophobia and racism' was organized by the Islamic Central Council of Switzerland (ICCS). 

In addition to booths offering information about Islam, there were numerous food and market stalls. The protesters also put up a mock minaret (photo here) to protest the minaret ban.

The 'Jewish star' used by the organizers caused a stir. Two Muslim umbrella organizations, FIDS and KIOS, said the usage of the star was 'unethical' and a 'cheap provocation'. One Muslim organization called upon its members not to join the protest, saying the way to break down prejudices is not through provocations and strife.

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