Friday 21 October 2011

Sarkozy says that there are millions of non-Jews in Israel!

"As far as I know there are millions of people who are not Jewish in Israel today."

PARIS (EJP) ---"A Jewish state I don’t know what that means,” said French President Nicolas Sarkozy, in response to a question about Israel’s demand that the Palestinian recognize Israel as a Jewish state.
He added: "Speaking of a state of the Jewish people is already more interesting."
The French leader made the statement in an interview he gave Tuesday to Agence France Presse and two Jewish radios Radio J and RCJ on the occasion of the release of Gilad Shalit.
"As you know I defended the idea of ​​two nation states," said Sarkozy.
"A Jewish state has no meaning because a state is neither Jewish nor Catholic," he said.  "A state of the Jewish people is a discussion we can have, but a Jewish state itself does not make much sense," he added.
"Two states for two peoples would mean that nobody is losing  face."
"If there is a Palestinian state, it is likely that Palestinians will be mainly living there and if there is an Israeli state Jews around the world know that whatever happens they will have a homeland."
"As far as I know there are millions of people who are not Jewish in Israel today."
Asked his reaction to the fact that on blogs his name is often associated with the Jews [below], Sarkozy responded:  "Frankly, I prefer to be on the side of those who are victims of anti-Semitic abuse than with those who profess these kind of behaviors. I consider myself as a French of multiple origins," he added.

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Joanne said...

I think he's splitting hairs. Obviously, Israel is a Jewish state the way France is a French state.

And if one can't describe France as a state of Catholics, one cannot describe Israel as a state of Jews in the religious sense.