Saturday, 16 July 2011

Norwegian historian: Dagbladet: "Jews pick up crusader-sword and point it eastwards"

Many Europe will not put things so bluntly but there is a real fear of Israel and Jews (their lobbies, their irrationality, their materialism, their war-mongering, their cruelty etc).  That's why the journalist did not question Langeland's assertion.  

Source: Norway, Israel and the Jews

Today Dagbladet offers an interview with Norwegian historian Nils Rune Langeland, who believes the USA and “the Jews”, being filled with “demonic restlessness”, are the new crusaders.

The Dagbladet interview is titled both Jews take up crusader-sword and point it eastwards (front page) and Tracking the war-like Europe. Journalist Inger Merete Hobbelstad interviews Norwegian historian Nils Rune Langeland on his book Europa – a voyage (roughly translated from Norwegian). Mr.Langeland, an academic at the University of Stavanger, speaks about the martial heritage of Europe as it has come to expression towards Islam. He speaks about the crusades and contemporary decadence and questions the viability of modern multiculturalism. He suggests that Northern Europe might become a future battleground. He also states that the USA and “the Jews”, being filled with “demonic restlessness”, are modern-day crusaders.

Nils Rune Langeland: “No, the real heirs of the crusaders are the USA and Israel.
Journalist Inger Merete Hobbelstad: “How?”
Nils Rune Langeland: “There one finds the demonic restlessness which once drove the Europeans. Europe left Christianity during the fourties, when bishop Von Galen spoke up against the nazis, and has struck another path. It is the Jews who pick up the crusader’s sword and point it towards the east.
Interestingly enough, Dagbladet Inger Marete Hobbelstad takes this statement in stride and goes on to question Mr. Langeland about the use of Christian symbolism.

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