Sunday 3 July 2011

French paper Le Monde has 'special envoy' with flotilla

Celebrated French newspaper Le Monde is all excited about the flotilla and very supportive of the brave freedom fighters who claim they want to break the Gaza embargo.  Le Monde repeats time and again that there is a humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Yesterday the paper carried a so-called debate with no less than five opeds about "an independent Palestine tomorrow":

1. "Israel has to renounce its political doggedness", by Denis Bauchard
2. "A Palestinian State should be welcome with open arms", by Avraham Burg
3. "The good solution: federalism not partition", by Sari Nusseibeh
4. "After the "Arab Spring" the time for peace must come", by Ofer Bronchtein
5. "No to unilateral moves!" by Simone Rodan-Benzaquen
Plus on its website:
6. "Another Jewish voice. Exercices in hope", by Rabbi Gilles Bernheim
7. "Peace on Israel", by Yehuda Lancry.

To illustrate its point, the paper also carried a cartoon by Nicolas Vial depicting a brown, angular, ugly, brick fortress in the middle of the sea with around 30 cannons pointing in all directions.  Fourteen people are standing on a Star of David which covers one third of the fortress ... ten "innocent" boats are sailing past.  The atmosphere is reminiscent of a De Chirico painting!  The sense of isolation and violence is pervasive - there is some red which can be interpreted as blood = bloodbath etc.

Today, there are two anti-Israel articles.

We'll come back tomorrow on Elise Barthet, the special flotilla envoy, revelations about how the flotilla idiots are being prepared by a Swedish activist to confront the mighty and bloodthirsty IDF.

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