Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Google Map Belgium exposes Elders of Ziyon cell based in Brussels synagogue

An antisemitc comment has been on Google Maps Belgium since 15 Avril 2010 describing the Great Synagogue of Brussels, which is also the Great Synagogue of Europe‎, thus (translation from the Flemish) :

"All political, economic and financial decisions in Belgium are taken here. For a decision to be taken, the Belgian Parliament (Wetstraat) has to seek prior approval from the Learned Elders of Ziyon cell based at the Great Synagogue of Brussels (Regentschapsstraat)." 

"hoofdsynagoge Brussel Hier worden alle beslissingen genomen op politiek, economisch en financieel vlak voor België. Vooraleer een beslissing genomen wordt in de Wetstraat, wordt hier in de Regentschapsstraat toestemming gevraagd aan de Wijzen van Zion."

then click on the Synagogue.

Needless to say, no such remarks feature either on the Cathedral or on the Great Mosque Brussels maps.

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