Thursday 27 January 2011

This is not a pipe, this is not a Jew, this is a bank client

Background: Pro-divestment rally attended by NIF, EU grantees turns to antisemitism (NGO Monitor)

"The event featured an antisemitic episode, when one rally leader drank fake blood out of a wine glass – an apparent reference to the libel of Jews drinking Christian blood as wine – to highlight Israel’s alleged brutality.  The target of the rally was Dexia, a bank with an Israeli subsidiary. The use of the ugly blood libel motif – codified as antisemitic by Europe’s rights monitoring agency – raises important questions about the relationship between the BDS (boycotts, divestment, and sanctions) Movement and antisemitism."

This is not a pipe. This is not a Jew. This is not a Star of David.  This is not the flag of the State of Israel. This is not an anti-Semite. This is a nasty Dexia Bank shareholder.

INTAL is a Belgian NGO.  One of its main activities is the demonization of Israel and the importation of the Israel-Arab conflit to the streets of Brussels.  In May last year INTAL "coordinated" a demonstration against French-Belgian Dexia Bank for doing business in the West Bank "colonies" (this is how settlements are called in Belgium).  Jews/Israelis were shown as bloodthirsty cannibalistic clowns who enjoy their glass of Palestinian blood. 
As most NGOs, INTAL receives taxpayers' money.  Charles Michel, the Minister in charge of allocating the funds was informed and has recently undertakent to look into the matter.  This is the totally surrealistic and convincing explanation INTAL has offered (translated from the Dutch) :

 "According to the clowns' own version, they symbolised Dexia shareholders - therefore [!] in no way [!] did they represent either Israel [!] or Jews [!] - who wanted to thank Jean-Luc Dehaene in a playful manner for the lucrative investments make by Dexia in the [Israeli] colonies".

Top illustrate: celebrated Magritte's painting "This is not a pipe".

Brussels: demonstration against Israeli blood drinkers - blood libel revisited

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