Thursday 26 February 2009

Norwegian comedian Otto Jespersen condemned by peers

"The PFU, an association for Norwegian media professionals, yesterday declared comedian Otto Jespersen’s anti-semtic monologues to be in violation of the PFU code for decent and proper conduct.

Dagbladet, a Norwegian daily, runs an article under the title "Jespersen’s harassment of Israel is unproblematic". The title is supposed to sum up the attitude of Per Edgar Kokkvold, a union leader present at the PFU hearing.

Whether it is Dagbladet as a newspaper or Kokkvold as an individual who is unable to distinguish between Jews as a people and Israel as a state is uncertain. That there is any confusion at all is somewhat alarming. The statements Jespersen is condemned for are directed against Jews, not against Israel.

At present 64% of Dagbladet’s readers think PFU is wrong in its verdict, and that Jespersen as a comedian has not being particularly unfair against the Jews especially."

Source: Norway, Israel and the Jews blog


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