Friday 27 February 2009

Amnesty International: Abolishing Israel's Right to Self Defense

"This continues Amnesty’s leading role in the Durban Strategy designed to isolate Israel and prevent self-defense."

Another rich and powerful European NGO (funded among others by the European Union) dedicated to the demonization of Israel. Reports such as the one Amnesty issued take months to prepare and require highly sophisticated military expertise totally absent from the report, which took Amnesty barely a few weeks to finalize ... Who is going to take them seriously ?

Source: NGO Monitor

- In a February 23, 2009 publication, Amnesty International calls on the UN Security Council to impose an arms embargo on Israel. This continues Amnesty’s leading role in the Durban Strategy designed to isolate Israel and prevent self-defense.

- Amnesty’s inability to distinguish between aggression and defense, and its artificial focus on very narrow aspects of international law are immoral and make a mockery of the foundations of the legal process.

- Amnesty exploits the façade of a "research report" to make baseless accusations, misrepresent international humanitarian law (IHL), and promote an immoral and indefensible equivalence between Hamas and Israel.

- Amnesty officials, including Malcolm Smart (director for the Middle East) and Colm Ó Cuanachain (head of the Irish branch), have been promoting an arms embargo against Israel for years, and this publication is a vehicle for their agenda.

- In accusing Israel of "war crimes," the authors cite weapons found "on the streets, in school playgrounds, in hospitals and in people's homes." Under any standard of law and morality, such "evidence" is meaningless, particularly in the context of response to the thousands of rocket attacks launched from these same areas.

- Amnesty’s attempt to equate the transfer weapons to Israel for legitimate defense, with clandestinely smuggled arms to a terrorist organization, is defamatory, immoral, and absurd.

- As in past publications, officials, including Donatella Rovera, use false claims, rely on unreliable eyewitness reports, and omit evidence that contradicts their ideological goals. While claiming to have seen secret IDF documents regarding Israeli arms, the quotation and source reference an article in Haaretz, in which an Israeli official comments on the use of illegal weapons by Hamas.

- Officials of Amnesty International responsible for abusing human rights claims in preparing this publication should resign.

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