Saturday 27 October 2007

Neo-Nazi cartoon acceptable to "progressive" website

It is getting ever more difficult to tell who is "progressive" and who is "regressive", as both draw their inspiration from the same sources.
Judeosphere makes the point:

"A few months back I blogged about how a reader of the "progressive" news site Media With Conscience (MWC) complained about the publication of cartoons by Ben Heine (who took part in the infamous 2006 Tehran Holocaust cartoon contest). Predictably, these complaints were dismissed by the site's editors for the usual reasons (suppressing creative expression, confusing anti-zionism with anti-semitism).
Well, now an article at MWC attacking "Jewish hate groups" features this cartoon, depicting an ADL boot kicking over a Church. I was curious about the origins of the cartoon, and discovered that it orginally appeared on the neo-Nazi site, It's an illustration accompanying articles denouncing hate crime legislation that will allegedly lead to the "creation of a vast Orwellian anti-hate bureaucracy and police state with the ADL lurking behind the scenes to seize and silence the politically incorrect anywhere in America. From a supreme position of power over all federal and local law enforcement, the ADL will be able to enforce its twisted definition that 'hate' means bias against federally protected groups, particularly Jews and homosexuals. All Bible-believing Christians will become 'haters.'"
Yep, Media With Conscience...Can you feel the love?"


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Well, conscience is a word that describes a lot of things. Between them "Conformity to one's own sense of right conduct". This is the closest in case of these nice folks. Right conduct for them is something entirely different from that of a decent human being, obviously.

Adam Levick said...

The link to the cartoon seems to no longer be valid. Do you have a new link, or did you save the web page?