Monday 1 October 2007

Jesus, Ben Heine, Mary Sparrowdancer and Jeff Rense

Among the galaxy of Israel/Zionist bashers, Ben Heine, the Belgian cartoonist who took part in the infamous Teheran Holocaust cartoon contest – while pretending to have been misguided by the organisers - is totally committed to the Cause. He has been posting on his website virulently anti-Israel articles by Mary Sparrowdancer, who is the author of “The Gospel of Judas, Barbelo and Long-Kept Secrets, Revelations from this ancient, supressed [sic] Gospel indicate Jesus was NOT an Emissary of the old War God of the Old Testament. He is the opponent”.

Through her articles Ben Heine surreptitiously and cleverly directs the reader to Jeff Rense’s revisionist/negationist site. Here is a sample of what is on offer: Ilya Ehrenberg - The Man Who Invented The 'Six Million'; The Protocols of the Elders of Zion (18 articles); Zundel – Prisoner of Zionism; Jewish Dominance of US/World Pornography Industry; The Twenty Victories of Revisionism, by Robert Faurisson, etc.

WIKIPEDIA: “Jeff Rense is an American conspiracy theorist and radio talk-show host of the Jeff Rense Program… Rense's radio program and website, cover subjects such as UFO reporting, paranormal phenomena, conspiracy theories, tracking of new diseases & possible resultant pandemics, environmental concerns … A recurring subject ... is a general mistrust of the establishment, and the theory that the attacks on the New York World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 were orchestrated by Zionist Neoconservative elements within the US Government, the CIA and the Israeli Mossad.”

Mary Sparrowdancer: “Mary is a writer of science, health, philosophy and the politics coloring all of it. She has extensive training in clinical laboratory sciences, including bacteriology, microscopic evaluation, pathology studies, hematology, and electroencephalography - and in veterinary and wildlife sciences, including ornithology. She has personally provided humane care for over 20,000 wild birds and wild animals. Her studies, research and writing have been ongoing for more than 30 years. Mary's focus is now primarily upon the health, safety and wellbeing of humanity, as well as an instrument drafted to help ensure human wellbeing: The Constitution.”
“Mary Sparrowdancer was ordained to speak about the compassionate, human rights teachings of Jesus in 1988. She was then asked to begin speaking in 1989.” “She is a follower of the teachings of Jesus, i.e., human rights and civil liberties, and she was ordained in 1988. She is not a “Christian,” because Christianity is based upon the teachings of Paul, the only self-declared apostle who was never selected as a disciple by Jesus. (Hence, beware of Paul's teachings in Romans 13, suggesting we “submit to authority.”)”

“Mary Sparrowdancer is the author of The Love Song, about the Messiah who is now walking among us. He is an interesting fellow who showed up exactly as predicted, 40 years after the creation of the state of Israel. He announces nothing about himself, he is not affiliated with any religion on earth, and he only becomes a Messiah if one accepts his terms of peace. He is not a “failed messiah.” We failed by not accepting his terms the last time.”

Articles by Mary Sparrowdancer on the websites of Jeff Rense and Ben Heine (illustrated by Heine):
The Invisible Holocaust
G Is For Genocide W Is For War
Can You Spare A Used Tent? - “The Holy Land was never meant to be desecrated with apartheid walls, electric fences, barbed wire, and hundreds of miserable checkpoints.”
Palestine: Zionist Starvation Plan
Give Palestine back to the Palestinian Semites. Free Palestine
Israel Conducts Military Training Exercises On Palestinians - “Palestinians represent the oppressed all over the world. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”


Professor Pan said...

Please see my site for more about Jeff Rense:

I have known Mary for many years, via email. It's only in the past several years that she seems to have fallen for the Jew-hating virus (though she is careful to say she's anti-Zionist, and not anti-Jew). Now it's all she posts about -- how Zionists control the world, have turned the U.S. into a Communist country (!) and other John Birch talking points recycled from the 1950s. It's sad, because I know she is a good-hearted person, but she really has fallen for the oldest scapegoating hate mongering in the book.

Rense, on the other hand, has no problem featuring articles calling Jews murderers, thieves, demonic, anti-Christian, sexually deviant, etc. -- all the same things the Nazis used to justify extermination. He even publishes material claiming the Jews brought the Holocaust upon themselves. He also uses the "I'm not anti-Jew, just anti-Zionist" argument. But it's transparent, and what I learned digging through his cesspool of a site proves beyond all doubt he is a Nazi.

Anonymous said...

I have likewise known Mike, (aka "Professor" Pan) for many years, and I find him to be one of the most argumentative and mean-spirited persons I have ever come across. He defends his own Jewish relatives' rights to vacation in stolen Palestinian lands. Mike needs to do some of his own homework, which he has not yet done. There are no Nazis on the face of the earth quite like the Israelis "ashkenNAZIs" - who are not Semites at all. I would also like to point out that my last "religious" ties were with Judaism, where I was sent to Hebrew school by my rabbi. I have since learned that Judaism is not "zionism." Go do some homework, "Professor."

Anonymous said...

I would also like to say that "Professor" Pan's statement, "Now it's all she posts about," is completely false and anyone who would like to do any sort of a google search on my last name will find out that Mike, the "Professor," is stating something false. Or, you can go to my website, which has some of my articles on it but not all of them. Or, go do a google on "cnn johnson & johnson" (no need to even put my name in it) and see which article out of almost one million comes up first. I am a journalist and I present truths. I risk my life doing this because the "kind and gentle" people
"Professor" Pan is representing have threatened my life repeatedly and viciously. You can be sure, however, that I will have more to say about them after what they just did to the Gaza refugees.

Anonymous said...

Is Mary Sparrowdancer a pen name????

Anonymous said...

No. It is my name.

Professor Pan said...

Ah, I see Mary found my comments about her :-)

I've been very open in my criticisms of the Israeli government's policies against the Palestinians, though Mary would prefer to ignore that.

One need only take a quick look at Mary's friend Jeff Rense's website to see descriptions of Jews (not "Zionists" but "Jews") as parasites, a "cancer" on humanity, pornographers, abortionists, communists, etc. -- which anyone familiar with history knows is simply rehashed Nazi propaganda. You know, the arguments that convinced the Germans to allow the liquidation of millions of Jews.

But Mary would have you believe I'm argumentative and mean-spirited. And misinformed. I suggest anyone reading this take a gander at just the front page of That's who Mary Sparrowdancer considers a friend and ally -- a guy who trumpets the Protocols, embraces Holocaust denial, and features page after page of screeds about the evil of Jews. Go ahead -- but I warn you, it's ugly.

Professor Pan said...

And here's an interesting post from Mary "I'm not against Jews, just Zionists" Sparrowdancer:

'Jews' Consider American
Minds 'Tillable Soil'

Mary Sparrowdancer


Perhaps after nearly 30 years of evidence pertaining to the "public education" most Gentiles have received after the Department of Education was created, we should finally ask ourselves, "How well has this education system worked for the Gentiles?"

This federal educational tool has created a nation of "graduates" now generally dumber than a sack of hammers, but perhaps that was exactly their goal all along. We obediently believe everything we are told by "authorities," and ask no questions. We comply. We do only the homework they tell us to do. We drink our fluoride. In addition, the "public school system" has been used to help foster agendas, to force children to submit to mandatory pharmaceuticals, to conduct additional fluoride experiments on children, to create overcrowded havens for bullies resulting in unspeakable mass murders. Schneerson, whose birthday this law commemorates, also launched a global Noahide campaign, forcing Gentiles to adhere to Jewish laws, as well as forcing them to accept the Jewish war-god of Israel as their only God.

According to wikipedia (the place to go for pro-Jewish info), Schneerson, considered by some to be the Messiah, "believed that the American public was seeking to learn more about their Jewish heritage." He stated, "It is the Chabad's point of view that the American mind is simple, honest, direct-good, tillable soil for Hassidism, or just plain Judaism."

How much longer are American Gentiles going to permit their minds to be considered nothing more than "tillable soil."
See also:

Cass said...

I'm coming into this late. There are many people blaming EVERYTHING ON jewsish people. I don't agree with this. However, we all have a right not to agree with what the Israeli's are doing. That is NOT anti semitism. Also, there is much truth, and well research and written about even by Jewish folks (Schlomo Zand), that most Israeli's are from Europe and Russia and therefore are of the Khazar originations. There is nothing wrong with this. What is wrong is using old scripture texts to justify going into Palestinian lands (who are the original Hebrews, although they are mixed with Arab too) and saying God gave you this land and kicking others off. Sorry, the truth has come out.