Friday, 8 February 2013

How to tackle anti-Semitism in Europe: stop funding anti-Semites

Douglas Murray @ Gatestone Institute:

I was asked to Brussels to address the matter of what the European Union might do to tackle anti-Semitism. The answer is easy: "Stop funding anti-Semites." 

And so it was that I found myself once again in a meeting in the twilight world of Brussels -- an ugly city filled with ugly buildings, ugly overpriced food and overpaid officials. The objective of any visit must always be a hit-an-run: to get in and get out as swiftly as possible. The only reason to go is to try and inject some sense into a city so starved of it. When, therefore, asked to address the matter of what the European Union might do to tackle anti-Semitism, the answer is easy: "Stop funding anti-Semites." What is hard is that this is Brussels [see below], where words are meaningless and nothing makes any sense. Here is just one example: The Palestinian Ma'an News Agency is one of the most supremely anti-Semitic organs in the Middle East. Which I hope readers realize is putting it in the premier league of anti-Semitic slander.  Continue reading
About Brussels (in French):

Belgique: l'obsession anti-israélienne (1)

Belgique: l'obssession anti-israélienne (2)

And... the Russell Tribunal on Palestine, made in Brussels...
The final session of the RToP will take place in Brussels on 16-17 March 2013. On Saturday evening (March 16) a cultural evening will be organised (doors open 6.30pm/close midnight) where musical acts (including a performance from French band ZEBDA) will be mixed with political speeches by various jury members (tickets 10 euros at the door). Session itself will take place on Sunday from 9.30am until 1pm. Jury will comment on the final findings of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine. (Free. To register, email rtopinvitationgmailcom giving us your name, function, organisation/group/charity you belong too-if applicable-, and country you will be coming from. You will receive a confirmation email shortly thereafter). 

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