Friday, 15 February 2013

French Protestant NGO refuses to attend Shoah commemoration

Sadly European Jews fail to see what is going on.  Strange that a French Jewish umbrella organisation invited CIMADE, an NGO involved in anti-Israel militancy to attent a Holocaust commemoration ... and they were only too happy to decline and to publicise their views...  More HERE about CIMADE.

EJC: A French Protestant organization which was strongly involved in the rescue of Jews during the Nazi occupation of France and whose then Secretary-General was honoured by Yad Vashem as Righteous of the Nations refused to attend a commemoration event marking the 70th anniversary of the deportation of Marseille Jews.

The Marseille regional branch of CIMADE, which campaigns for the rights of migrants and asylum seekers, wrote to the Marseille branch of the French Jewish organization and EJC affiliate, CRIF, that it would not attend the event on January 20 because of its opposition to Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. In the letter, the group said that the work of memory also involved “the importance of not repeating horrors which were committed and because it was “equally engaged against the policies of the State of Israel, which, in our view, are colonial, discriminatory and warlike towards the Palestinians, and in violation of international law,” it was unable to attend the commemoration event.

Support from the organization also came from the collective “Cercle des Volontaires” who interviewed the head of the CIMADE branch, Jean-Pierre Cavalié on Tuesday. The interviewer suggested to Cavalié that “the so-called work of memory” also serves to create a sort of very traumatic stress syndrome in the Jews, which allows them to tolerate acts of violence committed against the Palestinians.

Their letter in French has been put on line by French anti-Zionist Jews!

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