Saturday, 16 February 2013

Finland: supermarket chain investigated for vicious anti-Semitism

Tundra Tabloids:  The free paper issued to over 360 000 homes by the J. Kärkkäinen supermarket chain, Magneetti Media, has been consistently publishing conspiracy stories for some time now, many of them anti-Semitic. There’s no question about it, J. Kärkkäinen has a "Jew problem" as the following picture from their most recent publication that includes the entire reading of the fraudulent Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, shows. Continue reading.  (The Protocols article is taken from the viciously antisemitic blog Radio Islam run by Ahmed Rami, a Moroccan-Swedish writer and Holocaust-denier.)
Magneetti Media Kärkkiäinen supermartket paper protocols of the learned elders of zion 15.2.2013
They have also lifted from Radio Islam this article about Henry Ford's The International Jew:
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This is also found on Magneetti: What Christians Don’t Know About Israel, by Grace Halsell @ Washington Report, which claims to be telling the truth (you know about what) for 30 years.

And more of the same:

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