Sunday, 12 October 2008

Rioters in France and Israel shout "Allah Akbar"

France: Romans-sur-Isère, October 1st

"Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar!" and "Things will burn."

"A French police officer was shot and wounded during clashes with youths that broke out after a teenager died while fleeing police, authorities said Tuesday.

The officer appeared to have been shot in the leg with a hunting rifle, said the police prefecture in Romans-sur-Isère, a southeastern town located 60 miles from Lyon in the Rhône Valley on the edge of the Alps. The officer's life was not in danger. Dents from bullets and buckshot were also found in police vehicles nearby.

Police used tear gas and rubber pellets to push back some 50 youths during clashes late Monday and early Tuesday. Several cars were burned and about 15 shop windows were smashed.

After nightfall Tuesday, some 300 riot police officers and gendarmes took up positions around the center of town to prevent a second night of clashes. Some teams of officers were brought in from neighboring regions.

The violence broke out after a 16-year-old died by driving a stolen car into a wall while fleeing police. Four other minors in the car were lightly injured.

Accidents involving police and youths have been particularly sensitive in France since riots in 2005 that were sparked by the deaths of two teens electrocuted in a power substation while hiding from police. (...)

Le Monde reports (translation is general): (...) A little later the relatives came out furious from their closed-door meeting with the municipal team. In tears, a young woman told the dozens of worked up youth: "He wants to calm you down. I say to you: burn everything."

This statement was met by cheers and the youth dispersed in small groups, promising the security forces a night of fire. A handful of them started shouting: "Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar!" "Things will burn," said one of the leaders of the group, surrounded by a swarm of teenagers who listened respectfully. "They're fed up with our small brothers dying in our neighborhoods. You dominated our parents. We are the third generation and we won't submit." (...) "

Source: France: Riots after teenager dies while fleeing police, Islam in Europe
Israel: Acre, October 8

"Kill the Jews," "Allahu Akbar" and "If you come out of your homes, you will die."

"Police said the Yom Kippur disturbances in Acre were sparked deliberately on Wednesday evening when an Arab driver, Tawfik Jamal - a resident of Acre's Old City - made his way to the predominantly Jewish Ben-Gurion neighborhood in the eastern part of the city, blasting loud music from his vehicle as aprovocation on the holiest day in the Jewish calendar. (...)

"This was a provocation. An Arab driver arrived in a Jewish neighborhood on Yom Kippur with blaring music, and refused to leave when asked to by local residents. We believe he was intoxicated. This was a deliberate act," Galilee Police spokesman Ch.-Supt. Eran Shaked said.

The verbal confrontation between Jamal and the local residents quickly deteriorated into violence, as rocks and bottles were thrown at Jamal's vehicle.

According to Jamal, he and his two passengers fled the car. The three were taken to hospital where they were treated for light wounds and discharged.

In the meantime, police said, false rumors that Arabs were seriously harmed or killed by Jews reached the Old City, and caused a far more serious andorganized incident in Acre.

Responding to the rumors, hundreds of Arabs set out from the Old City toward the Ben-Gurion neighborhood, walking down a main road, smashing store windows and cars along the way. Reports said the mob shouted "Kill the Jews," "Allahu Akbar," and "If you come out of your homes, you will die. (...)"

Source: Police: Acre disturbances sparked deliberately by Arab driver, TJP

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In Spain there are some towns called "Kill-the -Jews". Attempts to change their names are resisted on the grounds that they are part of traditional culture.