Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Aryan type: blond like Hitler, slender like Goering and tall like Goebbels

"Der arische Typus"
"Aryan type:
blond like Hitler, slender like Goering and tall like Goebbels"

Unknown artist. Illustrated anti-Nazi postcard distributed by the British Embassy in Lisbon during the Second World War.

Source: Rua da Judiaria


Anonymous said...

My wife's cousin , blonde, blue-eyed, tall, muscular, was often in the 1930's put before his class by visiting SA men as a clasic figure of Aryan manhood. Needless to say he was of impeccable Jewish descent.

Anonymous said...

"Aryan" for the nazis & neonazis means any white WITHOUT jewish blood.

Aryan never means Nordic (tall, blonde, blue-eyes, etc.)

"Aryan" is a term precisely created to leave all the nordic jews out.

If you are tall, blue eyed, blonde but eat Kosher and goes to the synagoge on Sabbath you'll never be an "Aryan".

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Aryan is the opposite of a Jew.

Aryan is a "non jews" like the word "goyim" that you always use.

ssdd said...

European jews described in a few lines(by an german jew): either you have the so-called "jewish blood" or you used to be "goyim" and your family has adopted jewish traditions. Many ashkenazi jews are simply european whites who have intermarried with jewish families over the years and became jewish, although there is a discussion in the jewish community regarding intermarriage and how it is destroying the "jewish race", whatever that might be... So really, an "aryan" nordic person has much more in common with his jewish counterpart than with an "aryan" german who, for good or for bad, comes from a slightly different genetic stock. The same is valid for the german jew, for the french jew, and so on, although there are some exceptions..

ps: how can people be so dumb I can't believe the kind of bullshit I read over the internet it's always amazing me how low people can get

Anonymous said...

The final line was "virile like Rohm"in honour of Adolf's boyfriend Ernst Rohm.