Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Entente cordiale ... Ségolène Royal and Tzipi Livni writing a book together

The new Franco-Israeli rapprochement ...

Le Nouvel Observateur (Oct. 9) writes that Ségolène Royal, the Socialist party candidate in the 2007 French presidential election, will be producing a joint book with Tzipi Livni, the future Prime Minister of Israel, in which both politicians will be exchanging views on a range of subjects.

Ségolène Royal, who is President of the Poitou-Charentes Regional Council, has already co-authored two books, one with columnist Marie-Françoise Colombani and the other with sociologist Alain Touraine.

Ségolène Royal is part of a new, younger generation of European politicians who have parted company with their more cynical and calculating predecessors' ways and who are not afraid to show a keen interest and appreciation for Israel's achievements in the midst of a hostile environment.

This landmark initiative by two immensely popular and able female politicians will send a clear signal that things are moving in the right direction. It will greatly improve Israel's image in Europe.
- Ignore the rhetoric, Westminster is fizzing with tension, by Matthew d'Ancona, The Daily Telegraph

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