Friday, 24 October 2008

Culinary show on Hitler's favorite meal condemned

The futility of this show biz exercice beggars belief. Anything - however futile, zero value, no interest, silly, bad taste etc. - becomes acceptable provided it attracts viewers. It is good to know they will put Adolf and his culinary preferences in the right context...

"A culinary show on Adolf Hitler's favorite meal to be aired next week has come under fire from Jewish, resistance and political prisoner organizations.

In his series "Plat Préféré," or "Favorite Dish," professional cook Jeroen Meus goes to Hitler's haunts in southern Germany to prepare trout with butter sauce, "a succulent festive meal" and said to be one of Hitler's favorite meals, the program's trailer announced.

Michael Freilich, the editor of Joods Actueel magazine, leads the criticism saying Thursday it is worrying Hitler is turned into a banal figure, thus sending "the wrong signal" to a younger generation.

The VRT network will air the show Oct. 28 and said it will put Hitler "in the right context.""

Source: IHT

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Anonymous said...

Hitler liked cream cakes therefore cream cakes are wrong.